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Proactive threat hunting

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Preempt attacks with proactive threat hunting 

Proactive threat hunting is an increasingly important approach to IT security. As cyberattacks become more dangerous and sophisticated, proactive threat hunting capabilities enable organizations to identify and remediate threats and vulnerabilities faster, minimizing the costs and damages they cause. In contrast to traditional threat detection solutions, threat hunting enables security teams to search for previously unknown threats and vulnerabilities based on insights and intelligence, often gathered from the deep and dark web.

To effectively hunt threats, security teams must harness deep cybersecurity knowledge and expertise while collecting and managing a vast amount of intelligence. That’s why more organizations today are turning to Cybersixgill for intelligence that supports proactive threat hunting. By streamlining the threat hunting process with real-time, contextualized and relevant threat intel, Cybersixgill enables faster, more accurate threat hunting while reducing the burden on security analysts.

Benefits of automated threat hunting technology

Automation is one of the keys to successful threat hunting. This is where a superior security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution can help. SOAR technology streamlines the threat hunting process by automating collection, processing and analysis of security data. As a result, security analysts can focus their time and expertise on tasks like interpretation of analyses that will have the greatest impact.

Benefits of proactive threat hunting with a SOAR solution include:

  • Faster collection and normalizing of data. The right solution can connect to the various systems in your organization’s security architecture, ingesting data in many different formats. By transforming data into a consistent format and analyzing it for anomalies and signs of threats, a proactive threat hunting solution can accelerate the processes of alerting for potential threats and providing recommendations about where security teams should focus their attention.

  • Optimized threat reporting. Automated technology can deploy playbooks and prebuilt scripts and procedures when certain types of security incidents are discovered. These automated processes can also alert human analysts at points where critical decisions must be made.

  • Automating routines. Proactive threat hunting technology can automatically perform repeatable and time-consuming tasks like applying patches and updates to free security personnel for more high-value tasks.

  • Faster response. An automated solution can typically differentiate true threats from false positives more accurately. This allows security personnel to focus on the events that are more likely to be true security incidents, making incident response timelier and more effective.

Proactive threat hunting with Cybersixgill 

Cybersixgill has taken a quantum leap into the next stage of threat intelligence evolution. Delivering fully automated threat intelligence and threat hunting solutions, Cybersixgill helps organizations improve their abilities in malware detection, data leak prevention, ransomware protection, phishing prevention, financial fraud detection and more.

Our platform offers multiple solutions to support proactive threat hunting.

Investigative Portal

The Cybersixgill Investigative Portal provides unmatched visibility into threat actors’ motives, mindsets, expertise and MO’s. Delivering real-time context and actionable alerts, the Investigative Portal also provides the ability to conduct covert investigations, accelerating time to intelligence and action. With this Cybersixgill technology, threat hunting teams can track down threats, analyze malware, manage vulnerabilities and prevent attacks against critical infrastructure, organizations and people.

Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence API 

Cybersixgill’s Application Programming Interface (API) suite provides direct, programmatic access to our vast collection of threat intelligence data, integrating seamlessly into existing workflows and system architectures. Cybersixgill’s API endpoints deliver machine-readable threat intelligence to support multiple data types, use cases and processes, providing actionable threat intelligence to optimize cybersecurity operations and workflows. Harness Cybersixgill’s API to drive intelligence-driven initiatives across various functions, democratizing access to threat intelligence across the organization to address multiple business demands and needs. Packaged according to use case, our API offering supports database queries and query-based notifications, actionable alerts tailored to your organizational assets, automated feed of malicious IOCs, detection of leaked user credentials, real-time feed of CVE-related events and developments, multi-tenant (MSSP) configurations and more. These API endpoints are consumable both through existing integrations with our industry partners or via specialized customizations within proprietary products.

DVE Intelligence

Cybersixgill Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Intelligence provides a consolidated platform to enhance vulnerability assessment and prioritization. Powered by the largest and most comprehensive collection of cyber threat intelligence from the deep, dark and clear web, DVE Intelligence accurately identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities based on the likelihood of exploitation within the next 90 days. Unlike the NVD’s CVSS score, DVE Intelligence is continuously updated to reflect rapidly changing events in the cybercriminal underground.

How Cybersixgill automation improves threat hunting

Cybersixgill’s automated technology provides significant benefits to threat hunting teams. 

  • Get asset driven alerts. By uploading assets to Cybersixgill’s Investigative Portal – including domains, IPs, Bin numbers and executives – cyber security teams can get alerts any time threats targeting specific assets are detected.

  • Manage vulnerabilities more effectively. Cybersixgill provides a unique score based on dark web chatter, helping security teams understand what threat actors are actively targeting so they can prioritize accordingly.

  • Develop deeper insight. The Cybersixgill Investigative Portal makes it easy to learn more about any threat or threat actor and understand their mindset, TTPs, timeline and more.

  • Track threat actors where they live. Cybersixgill’s dark web monitoring technology keeps track of threat actors, threats and conversational threads, providing your security teams with chatter updates and notifications.

  • Integrate with existing technology. Cybersixgill delivers unmatched intelligence to maximize the performance of other security tools such as SIEM, TIP, VM or firewall technology.

Why customers choose Cybersixgill 

Cybersixgill is dedicated to one thing: protecting organizations against malicious cyberattacks that come from the deep and dark web. We provide security teams with agile, automated and contextual cyber threat intelligence collected from the deep, dark and web – the place where cybercriminals congregate to buy and sell tools and data, share methods and plan attacks. Our solutions are fueled by the broadest threat intelligent collection capabilities available, and include data gathered from limited-access deep and dark web forms and markets, invite-only messaging groups, code repositories, paste sites and clear web platforms. Using advanced AI and ML algorithms, we index, correlate, analyze, tag and filter raw data, enriching each item with context to derive critical intelligence about the nature, source and evolution of each threat. With this intelligence, security teams can quickly apply timely, practical, proactive solutions to neutralize new threats before they are launched.

Our threat intelligence data can be consumed through standalone solutions as well as integrations into existing security stacks. We correlate, curate and prioritize each piece of intelligence to trigger automated playbooks and workflows, accelerating remediation and incident response while increasing the efficiency and productivity of security teams.


What is threat hunting?

Threat hunting is the practice of proactively searching for new and previously unknown cyber threats that may be residing undetected in a network. In contrast to threat detection engines that identify known threats, threat hunting uses threat intelligence, crowd-sourced attack data, and research into attackers’ latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to search for threats that may have evaded other defenses.

What is proactive threat hunting?

Proactive threat hunting uses automation to accelerate the search for potential threats. Proactive threat hunting technology automates the process of collecting, processing and analyzing data, enabling security teams to focus on higher value activities and to identify and stop threats faster.