Energy Sector Use Case

Protect infrastructure and prevent ransomware

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Supporting critical service providers

Electric-power and gas companies are committed to “keeping the lights on” around the globe. However, this comes at a great price: hacktivism, data theft, compromised access and ransomware attacks are only a few of the ways in which threat actors are targeting the energy sector.

Cybersixgill continuously monitors your assets and resources in the cybercriminal underground, alerting you in real-time if they are listed or mentioned, so you can block attacks before they materialize.

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Real-time, contextualized threat intelligence
Data leaks, fraud and phishing detection
Early warnings about malicious IOCs and CVEs
Automated external asset discovery and attack surface management

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How Cybersixgill supports the energy sector

Detect and Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware can be deployed in your network through various weaknesses such as leaked credentials, compromised RDP connections, phishing attacks and exploited vulnerabilities. To protect your environment from a ransomware attack, early insight into threat actor plans as they emerge on the deep and dark web is critical.

Cybersixgill continuously monitors the discussions and activities of known ransomware actors and affiliates across the underground, uncovering and correlating ransomware operator aliases and networks. We provide organizations in the energy sector with covert access to Dedicated Leak Sites (DLS) used by ransomware groups so you can gain access to emerging threats in real-time, often before they are weaponized in an attack. Our CTI can also be used to monitor threat actor capabilities, specialties and limitations in ransomware markets and get alerts as ransomware as a service (RaaS) operators extend their reach to promote their malware on the underground.

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Key capabilities delivered by Cybersixgill for this use case:

Covert access to dedicated leak sites.

Track the sale of compromised assets.

Alerts regarding RaaS activity.

Map the full IAB-ransomware cycle.

Vulnerability exploit intelligence.

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