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An industry facing multiple threats

In recent years, the gaming sector has faced a greater escalation in cyberattacks than any other industry, battling a surge in fraud and piracy, as well as threats to game integrity and gamers’ privacy.

Cybersixgill continuously monitors your assets and resources in the cybercriminal underground, alerting you in real-time if they are listed or mentioned, so you can block attacks before they materialize.

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Real-time, contextualized threat intelligence
Data leaks and credit card fraud detection
Early warnings about malicious IOCs and CVEs
Automated external asset discovery and attack surface management

When Cybersixgill came around, it was a game changer that suddenly there was an index search engine for virtually all cybercrime.


How Cybersixgill supports the gaming industry

Detect and Prevent Fraud

Fraud within the gaming industry threatens consumers and distributors alike. Threat actors steal from gamers using social engineering tactics to target gift cards, game credits and other player payment methods to profit from their victims. Gaming gift cards are often abused by threat actors to launder illicit funds, including cards purchased with rewards points from compromised accounts.

Fraudsters also steal directly from game producers, launching brute force attacks on the victim’s website to find valid gift card codes, illegitimately redeeming their balances and depriving retailers of their profits.

Gaming fraud

One meeting to answer all your questions

Comprehensive, real-time coverage of dark web, deep web, IM apps and paste sites.

Intuitive search functionality to investigate threats.

Immediate detection of data leaks compromising your customers and your organization.

OCR image-to-text and multi-language intel extraction.

Alerts to gift cards for sale, gift card generators and illicit transactions.

Break down leaked credit cards by issuer, geography or BIN.

Understand the origin of identified leaks.

Takedown services.

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