Healthcare Sector Use Case

Protect critical equipment and customer data from threat actors

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Supporting healthcare operators defend against sophisticated attacks

Healthcare organizations are attractive targets for a wide range of cyber threat actors, each with distinct motivations. They largely can be grouped into three categories; Independent cybercriminals seeking financial gain, Nation-state actors, or Advanced Persistent Threats (APTS) looking to disrupt critical infrastructure and gain geopolitical advantage, and hacktivists groups with ideological agendas.

Cybersixgill continuously monitors assets and resources in the cybercriminal underground, alerting organizations in real-time if they are listed or mentioned to block attacks before they materialize.

hospital environment
Real-time, contextualized threat intelligence
Data leaks, fraud and phishing detection
Early warnings about malicious IOCs and CVE's
Automated external asset discovery and attack surface management

Our relationship with Cybersixgill comes down to partnership and trust; it’s about protecting the organization. Cybersixgill provides information we can’t get from any other source. With Cybersixgill’s insights, we can preemptively stop an attack and understand a threat actor’s method of operation. It’s one of the best solutions I have seen in my security career.


Global Financial Services Organization

How Cybersixgill supports the Healthcare sector

Compromised Credit & Payment Cards

Threat actors obtain patient credit and payment card information via data breaches, keyloggers, bank account takeovers and physical hacking tools such as shimmers/skimmers installed on point-of-sale terminals. Stolen data is monetized via sales on illicit carding markets, where it is purchased by other cybercriminals for future attacks.

With our real-time collection and monitoring capabilities, your team can quickly mitigate exposure from compromised accounts, deny threat actors access and limit damage to your healthcare operation.

Credit cards

Key capabilities delivered by Cybersixgill for this use case:

Immediate detection of data leaks compromising your organization, customers and assets.

Comprehensive, real-time coverage of dark web, deep web, IM apps and paste sites.

OCR image-to-text and multi-language intel extraction.

Intuitive search functionality to investigate threats.

Understand the origin of identified leaks.

Break down leaked credit cards by issuer, geography or BIN.

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