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Cybersixgill’s Elite Intelligence Services are tailored to meet the needs of your organization, delivering the insight you need to take action and reduce your threat exposure. Let our team of experts enhance your cyber resilience through finished reporting or threat actor engagement services.

Customized reports & research

Go beyond automated reports for comprehensive insights into specific threats, industries, use cases, threat actors or sources. Our experts can provide an analysis of threat exposure benchmarks against industry and geography, contextual references, screenshots of threat actor discourse and recommendations tailored to the topic of interest.

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Deep & dark web purchases

To quickly reduce exposure, damage to compromised hosts and improve incident response, our Deep & Dark Web Purchasing service infiltrates limited-access marketplaces on the deep, dark web on your behalf. Our expert analysts covertly purchase your compromised data to remediate the threat, protecting your anonymity.

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Threat actor engagement

Harness our team of cyber experts to infiltrate threat actor platforms on the cybercriminal underground and directly interact with malicious actors to gain critical intel and deeper insight into the threats your organization faces, protecting you from suspicion or retaliation.

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Takedown services

Take action to remove malicious content that violates intellectual property laws or damages your company’s brand from online platforms. Our specialist partner service operates takedowns and post takedown monitoring support for over 90 different attack types including phishing sites, malware, fake social media profiles and mobile apps.

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Training support

Quickly onboard new team members, reduce their time to value and bridge your cyber security skills gap with training from our team of experts. From ongoing training to leveling-up your security team, we will create and tailor a plan complete with real-world exercises to ensure you are ready for the next evolution of cyber threats.

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Resources & Threat Insights

The State of the Cybercrime Underground 2023

The State of the Cybercrime Underground 2023

Get our annual review of the trends and developments from the cybercriminal underground. Discover how threat actors are changing tactics to help drive your security strategy for 2023.

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Wholesale Access Markets & Ransomware

Wholesale Access Markets & Ransomware

Major ransomware attacks can start with endpoint access purchased for $10 by bad actors on underground markets. Learn more about wholesale access markets in our latest threat research.

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Beyond the Headllines

Beyond the Headllines

You’ve read the headlines, now get the REAL story. Stay ahead with monthly analysis of the top cyber security stories, latest CVEs, and deep and dark web mentions.

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