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Cybersixgill is proven to have the broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities available, using advanced machine learning to covertly extract data from clear, deep and dark web sources including limited-access forums and markets, invite-only messaging groups, code repositories and paste sites. We enrich this data with context to provide security teams with real-time comprehensive insight into the nature and source of each threat.


Discover how our CTI delivers an early warning of threat activity


Capturing Emerging Threats, TTPs and IOCs as They Surface

Access our collection of contextual threat intelligence from the deep, dark, and clear web as well as OSINT, to proactively block threats before they are weaponized in an attack.

Language agnostic

We scrape data inaccessible to other vendors, such as high-value sources with complex CAPCHA, posts that have been deleted and invite-only instant messaging groups and forums.

Intel delivered in minutes

Automated crawlers infiltrate all data sources, extracting and enriching data as it is posted. We digest tens of millions of intelligence items per day to ensure our intel is relevant and accurate.

Contextualized data

Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms index, correlate, analyze, tag and filter our data, providing critical context and actionable recommendations for remediation.

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Transforming Threat Intelligence With AI

Cybersixgill IQ, our powerful generative AI capability turns raw intelligence into human-readable, contextual summaries, finished reporting and an always-available AI assistant, making threat intelligence more accessible to everyone at every level of experience.

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Use Cases For Cyber Threat Intelligence

Compromised credentials, credit card detection & data leaks

Set up customizable alerts to notify you of compromised employee credentials or customer data leaked on the deep and dark web, including instant messaging apps, IRC chats and limited-access dark web forums and marketplaces. Receive a breakdown of leaked credit cards by BINs, geography or issuer.

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Compromised account alerts from the dashboard

Discover how to quickly identify and remediate leaked credentials on the deep and dark web

It has exceeded all our projections: It’s like having tomorrow’s newspaper in hand today. Not only did Cybersixgill provide our fraud teams with real-time intelligence, it has transformed our ability to understand and minimize digital risk across the entire organization.

CISO, Financial services organization

Cyber Threat Intelligence Product Tour

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In less than 5 minutes, our product experts demonstrate how cyber threat intelligence enhances threat detection and threat hunting by alerting users to the earliest indications of risk.

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Our Data, Your Way

Cyber Threat Intelligence is available within our SaaS Portal that supports both single and multi-tenancy users, via API or integration into your existing technology.

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