Threat Monitoring & Threat Hunting

Sector: Any
Company size: Enterprise/SME
Department: Intel Team, CSIRT, SOC, Analysts

Cybersixgill removes the access barrier to the most valuable sources of cyber threat intelligence, in a single, searchable, SaaS investigative platform. With deep-dive investigative capabilities, Cybersixgill helps threat hunting teams seek the highest-priority potential cyberthreats.

Easily compile, manage and monitor your complete asset inventory across the deep, dark and clear web to identify potential risks and exposure, understand potential attack paths and threat actor TTPs to proactively expose and prevent emerging cyber attacks before they are weaponized.

Detect and contain compromised access listed for sale in IAB markets, identify malware when it is initially offered for sale on the dark web, extract the malware hash in the preliminary phase and block it on your firewall, trigger playbooks on your SIEM, SOAR, EPP or VM platforms before anyone else has even downloaded it.

Add an essential layer of context based on threat actor intent with visibility of what interests them the most with our DVE Intelligence, containing a full audit trail behind each vulnerability including POC exploit codes for zero day vulnerabilities – even for vulnerabilities with no CVSS rating.

Network assets

Key capabilities delivered by Cybersixgill for this use case:

Continuous threat intelligence collection in real-time from the widest range of sources on the clear, deep and dark web

Covert access to prevent retaliation attacks

Real-time alerts of compromised assets or access listed for sale

Seamless integration of machine-readable intelligence into your security stack

7million+ detailed threat actor and APT profiles

Vulnerability exploit intelligence

CPE-CVE matching

MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Supporting Content

Understanding the DVE Score

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