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Eliminate Threat Exposure Blind Spots With External Attack Surface Management

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Embedded with our market-leading CTI, our external Attack Surface Management (ASM) product reduces your threat exposure by delivering enhanced visibility into your organization’s attack surface. Using automation, ASM continuously discovers, scopes and classifies your known and unknown externally-facing network assets. Your assets then serve as a filter that refines and focuses our threat intelligence, highlighting and ranking those that are vulnerable to help your security operations team prioritize remediation activities.


Discover how Attack Surface Management streamlines the prioritization of vulnerabilities to reduce cyber risks


Focus your resources where they are needed the most

ASM harnesses our threat intelligence collected in real-time from the clear, deep and dark web to uncover imminent threats and prioritize exploitable vulnerabilities for remediation.

Automate asset discovery

Continuously discover and maintain an inventory of all externally facing network assets across your organization.

Prioritize exposed assets

With each asset assessed via our embedded CTI, quickly filter, sort, evaluate and prioritize the treatment of exposed assets according to threat urgency, impact severity and business criticality.

Reduce cyber risk exposure

Integrate Attack Surface Management into existing security capabilities, enhancing security validation and vulnerability management with automated remediation playbooks and workflows to improve your security posture.

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Transforming Threat Intelligence With AI

Cybersixgill IQ, our powerful generative AI capability enhances ASM, turning raw intelligence into human-readable, contextual summaries and finished reporting. Security teams of all levels and experience can gain valuable insight into threat detail with our embedded AI assistant and ask questions to enhance their understanding of specific topics.

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Use Cases For Attack Surface Management

Threat exposure management

Automatically monitor your complete asset inventory in real-time across the deep, dark and clear web. Attack Surface Management continuously correlates our context-rich threat intelligence with your external organizational assets so you can receive the earliest possible warnings of emerging threats targeting your business.

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TI products and services deliver knowledge, information and data about cybersecurity threats and other cybersecurity- related issues. The output of these products and services aims to provide or assist in the curation of information about the identities, motivations, characteristics and methods of threats, commonly referred to as tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). The intent is to enable better decision making and improve security technology capabilities to reduce risk and the chance of being compromised.

Gartner, Competitive Landscape: External Attack Surface Management, April 2023

Attack Surface Management Product Tour

Watch our Attack Surface Management solution in action

In less than 10 minutes, our product experts demonstrate how the Attack Surface Management solution eliminates cybersecurity blind spots and helps security operations teams to accurately prioritize the remediation of assets exposed to cyber risk.

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Our Attack Surface Management solution is available via a single or multi-tenancy SaaS Portal, API or integration

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Investigative Portal

Safely and covertly access the deep and dark web via our threat intelligence platform for single or multi-tenancy users. Widely referred to as a dark web search engine, users can quickly uncover emerging risks, vulnerabilities or leaked data in real-time. The Investigative Portal is embedded with our generative AI assistant, helping users to build reports, answer queries and add context to your findings.

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API & Feeds

Seamlessly integrate our cyber threat intelligence into existing workflows, systems or third-party solutions. Enhance remediation playbooks and workflows by enriching your existing security event logs with our data collection and enable comprehensive threat landscape analysis. Streamline repetitive tasks involved in SOC and threat hunting operations to facilitate proactive responses to emerging threats.

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Connect our CTI into your technology and enhance the performance of your security solutions. We partner with over 30 global organizations including Palo Alto, Snowflake, Anomali, Microsoft and Splunk, integrating our threat intelligence to support their cybersecurity solutions. We tailor each integration to meet specific use cases, improving operational efficiencies and delivering cost savings.

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