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Understand and stop supply chain threats to your business

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Managing suppy chain risk requires more than a single score

For every company offering a product or service, there are potentially hundreds of vendors providing support. These third-party relationships are fast becoming the greatest source of risk to organizations. While many solutions are aimed at third-party risk management for GRC teams to streamline vendor vetting and selection processes, it is critical that SOC and Threat Hunting teams also equip themselves with the necessary tools, intelligence and context to understand the specific threats their organizations face. 

Third party risk

Of companies do not trust their third-parties to notify them of a major breach


Of U.S. organizations were directly impacted by a software supply chain attack in the 12 months preceding April 2023


Cost of addressing 245,000 supply chain incidents in 2023


Cybersixgill Third-Party Intelligence

The Third-Party Intelligence module enhances your ability to continuously monitor and detect supply chain risks to your environment before a cyber attack is launched by combining:

Our full collection of cyber threat intelligence from the clear, deep and dark web

Additional vendor-specific data, providing detailed descriptions of cyber gaps in their network, IT environments and applications (including DNS records, mail server misconfigurations and technology with known exploited vulnerabilities).

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Preempt supply chain threats

24/7 threat monitoring

Continuously monitor threats which originate from your third-parties

Access contextual intelligence

We combine CTI from the clear, deep and dark web with data from your suppliers' tech environments.

Receive in-depth insights

Understand the specific supply chain threats your business faces, including impact assessments and recommendations for remediation.

Improve supply chain communication

Provide affected third parties with the information they need on any detected issues for remediation


Broaden your organization’s threat context by incorporating powerful supply chain insights.

Our Data, Your Way

Cyber Threat Intelligence is available within our SaaS Portal that supports both single and multi-tenancy users, via API or integration into your existing technology.

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