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End-to-End Vulnerability Exploit Intelligence

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Detect & Remediate Vulnerabilities in Minutes – Not Hours

Get an intelligence-driven approach to assessing the probability of a CVE being exploited, based on real events happening in the cybercriminal underground to expose critical vulnerabilities, enabling teams to preempt vulnerability exploitation and streamline their entire process end-to-end.

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Key product features

Discover & scope

Streamline the correlation between your organizational assets, their potential vulnerabilities and risk of exploitation.

Accurate CPE-to-CVE matching

We aggregate CPE data from multiple sources to fix deficiencies in the NVD’s CPE dictionary, automating the matching process with high-fidelity data.

MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Filter CVEs by MITRE ATT&CK tactics, techniques and procedures or learn more about how each vulnerability is likely to be exploited for effective remediation.

Easily prioritize vulnerabilities

With our predefined and customizable alerts, receive an early warning of high-severity CVEs, in many cases before the NVD has even assigned a CVSS score.

A detailed intelligence audit-trail

Access our collected intel surrounding each CVE, including where it is trending, associated ransomware, APT groups, available exploit kits and remediation information.

IQ assistance

Generative AI capability simplifies complex threat data, instantly generates high-quality reports and comparison tables, and provides 24/7 assistance to make threat data easier to understand for every level of experience.

Open source vulnerability insights

DVE Intelligence also incorporates real-time insights from, a specialized database that focuses on vulnerabilities present in open source tools and programs. Security and GRC teams can now identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in both proprietary and open source components for remediation, delivering a more comprehensive solution to risk mitigation and compliance.


Powered by our real-time collection of CTI

Unlike traditional vulnerability scanning tools, DVE Intelligence is not dependent on OSINT and external cybersecurity risk databases such as NVD data. Our threat intelligence data collection runs deep into the criminal underground, rapidly updating to reflect changing events as they happen.

About our threat intelligence
Real time intelligence

Explore DVE Intelligence in our Investigative Portal

Search CVEs and review results with up to date context and insight from the deep and dark web

Our DVE score is a quantifiable risk-score measuring the likelihood of exploitation within the next 90 days

MITRE ATT&CK mapping helps teams anticipate how cyber criminals will exploit each vulnerability

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Our Data, Your Way

DVE intelligence can be delivered to your threat analysts, incident responders, security engineers, vulnerability and GRC teams via API, our single/multi-tenant SaaS Investigative Portal or through an intelligence feed.

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