Phishing Detection & VIP Monitoring

Sector: Finance, Retail
Company size: Enterprise/SME
Department: Intel Team, CSIRT

Phishing scams represent one of the most pervasive threats to organizations today. These attacks rely on social engineering tactics to manipulate individuals into clicking on a link or divulging sensitive information such as login credentials and sensitive information. The danger lies not only in the immediate loss of data or funds but also in the potential for long-term repercussions. Once inside a network, attackers can move laterally, compromising additional systems and escalating their access privileges. Phishing attacks often serve as entry points for more sophisticated cyber threats like ransomware or advanced persistent threats (APTs), which can cause significant operational disruption, financial losses, and reputational damage to an organization.

Using our cyber threat intelligence from the clear, deep and dark web, your organization can receive automated alerts of potential impersonation attempts targeting your brand. Discover personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses and other sensitive information leaked on the dark web which might be used in a phishing attempt. Detect underground chatter surrounding phishing threats targeting your employees, leadership team and customers so you can prevent a phishing attack before a victim clicks on a link and exposes your organization to risk.

Should you require any malicious domains or accounts to be removed from public access, our takedown service can be deployed to assist you on a case-by-case basis. We can also assist you with dark web purchases to remove personal information such as social security numbers, email addresses and phone numbers from dedicated leak sites.

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Key capabilities delivered by Cybersixgill to prevent phishing attacks:

Instant access to our complete body of collected intelligence from the deep, dark and clear web

Advanced investigation capabilities to uncover leaked personal information via our Investigative Portal

OCR image-to-text and multi-language intel extraction

Alerts to suspicious domains, mentions of executives and sensitive information

Seamless integration of machine-readable intelligence into your security stack to power automated security workflows

Takedown services

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