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Preventing attacks with dark web threat intelligence companies

Cyber threats are continually evolving, and threat actors are becoming more sophisticated. To stay ahead of the curve, savvy organizations are turning to threat intelligence companies for insights that can help to prevent and mitigate attacks more effectively.

Threat intelligence companies use state-of-the-art tools and methods to gather data about emerging and existing threats from a broad array of sources. By aggregating, transforming and analyzing threat data, threat intelligence providers can deliver insight into the identities and motivations of threat actors as well as the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) they employ.

The most effective providers search for threat intelligence where cybercriminals are most likely to leave their footprints: the dark web. This is the place where threat actors congregate to share information, acquire tools, buy and sell compromised credentials and plan their next exploit.

Among threat intelligence companies, only Cybersixgill offers fully automated threat intelligence capabilities that scrape data from the broadest collection of sources at speeds that are faster than any competitor.

Criteria for assessing threat intelligence companies

There are several essential criteria to consider when comparing threat intelligence companies.

Breadth of sources

From threat hunting and phishing detection to online brand protection, the more sources that a threat intelligence provider monitors, the better the intelligence will be. Sources should include websites on the clear and deep web as well as dark web sources such as limited-access forums, underground marketplaces, code repositories, invite-only messaging apps and paste sites.

Targeted alerts

Many threat intelligence companies offer solutions that flood their customers with an overwhelming volume of disparate and largely irrelevant threat data. This inevitably leads to alert fatigue and can compromise a security team’s ability to identify and respond to real threats. A superior solution will target threat intelligence to the unique needs, assets, workflows and attack surface of each customer.

Quality of intelligence

Simply delivering threat intelligence isn’t sufficient to help security teams understand the nature of a threat and to prioritize mitigation. The best threat intelligence companies enrich every bit of intelligence with context about the nature, source and urgency of the threat as well as steps required for remediation.

Speed of extraction

To keep pace with the speed of innovation in cybercrime, organizations need a threat intelligence provider that can extract, analyze and deliver data with exceptional speed. The sooner security teams can get their hands on actionable threat intelligence, the sooner they can protect their organization from emerging threats.

Automated solutions

Modern threat intelligence programs must be automated from end to end to eliminate time-consuming manual steps and the potential for human error. Superior threat intelligence companies offer automated solutions that allow teams to spend less time manipulating data and more time blocking emerging threats.

Integrated data, feeds and portals

To maximize the value of threat intelligence, it must be integrated with existing solutions in the security stack through threat intelligence feeds and made available throughout the organization.

The Cybersixgill threat intelligence platform 

Cybersixgill was founded with a single mission in mind: to protect organizations against malicious cyberattacks that come from the deep and dark web – before they materialize. Our fully automated threat intelligence solutions help security teams to more effectively detect phishing, data leaks, fraud, ransomware and vulnerabilities while amplifying incident response.

Our threat intelligence solutions and capabilities deliver on all the criteria that security teams need from their threat intelligence companies. 

  • More sources. Our collection of sources on the clear, deep and dark web is 5x larger than any competitor, and we extract intelligence from 10x sources on the dark web. Our fully automated crawlers infiltrate and maintain access to limited-access sources that are inaccessible to other threat intelligence vendors.

  • Faster extraction. We are able to extract intelligence 24x faster than other threat intelligence companies, enabling our customers to mitigate threats sooner.

  • Democratized data. Cybersixgill provides all security professionals throughout the organization with exclusive access to closed underground sources to conduct a covert investigation or cyber security audit. Our threat intelligence feed integrates easily with existing technology through 24 integration partners and 40 APIs.

  • Essential context. To help analysts make more informed decisions, we index, correlate, analyze, tag, filter and enrich each bit of raw data with context. 

  • Custom alerts. To eliminate alert fatigue, we ensure that warnings about imminent threats are targeted to the specific assets and attack surface of each customer.

Our dark web monitoring capabilities

Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence and threat hunting solutions leverage unparalleled insight into deep and dark web sources.

API Integration

Cybersixgill’s vast collection of cyber threat intelligence data can be consumed via an application programming interface (API) that integrates directly into existing workflows and system architectures to address multiple use cases & functionalities. The API offering supports database queries and query-based notifications, actionable alerts tailored to your organizational assets, automated feed of malicious IOCs, detection of leaked user credentials, real-time feed of CVE-related events and developments, multi-tenant (MSSP) configurations and more. A new integration per customer request can be created within a week.

Investigative Portal

The Cybersixgill Investigative Portal provides a place where security professionals can conduct covert investigations, engage in proactive threat hunting, research more than 7 million threat actor profiles, get context into any escalation in real time and quickly understand the entire threat picture like never before. 

DVE Intelligence

Cybersixgill Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Intelligence leverages data and chatter on the dark web to identify the software vulnerabilities that attackers are most likely to exploit in the near future. By calculating a score based on probability of exploit, DVE Intelligence helps teams to prioritize remediation efforts more successfully.

The Cybersixgill difference

Cybersixgill harnesses dark web monitoring to continuously expose the earliest indications of risk. By capturing, processing and alerting teams to emerging threats, TTPs and IOCs, we enable security teams to uncover what attackers are planning before they strike.

We provide security professionals with exclusive, real-time access to the largest database of deep, dark and clear web threat activity available. With this intelligence, organizations can:

  • Expose risk. Our fully automated crawlers infiltrate and maintain access to limited-access sources, extracting and processing data in all languages and formats to uncover threat activity earlier than other solutions.

  • Pre-empt threats. Our threat intelligence captures and block threats as they emerge and before they can be weaponized in an attack. With real-time threat intelligence about emerging threats and vulnerabilities, we help security teams to take steps to prevent attacks before they happen. 

  • Streamline intelligence. With 24 integration partners and 40 API endpoints, Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence can be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s security stack as well as its unique assets, needs and workflows.


What is threat intelligence?

Threat intelligence is data that has been collected, processed and analyzed to reveal insights about the motives and behavior of threat actors and the mechanics of cyber threats. Threat intelligence can help security teams to better configure systems, build programs and remediate vulnerabilities to prevent or mitigate cyberattacks.

What are threat intelligence companies?

Threat intelligence companies are organizations that collect, aggregate and deliver threat intelligence from a variety of sources to help security teams better understand and mitigate the threats against their organizations.