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Threat Hunting for Effective Cybersecurity

How to protect critical assets through systematic, proactive threat intelligence

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When we talk about cybersecurity, we often talk about defense. We talk about how to protect proprietary information and sensitive data best and how to best keep threat actors out of our systems. Ransomware attacks make headlines daily, and we want to ensure our organization doesn’t make the evening news a cyber victim. Some estimate that cybercrime will cost the world $7 trillion in 2022, and IT departments are always looking for more efficient protection against the next generation of cyber threats.

Part of a solid cybersecurity defense is active, ongoing threat hunting, and the purpose of this ebook is to share with a finely tuned approach to efficient threat hunting. In his latest ebook, Michael-Angelo Zummo, Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, gives us a practical look at threat hunting.

What you'll learn

A three-step approach to organizing efficient threat hunting

How to plan a threat hunt effectively

How to select the best tools and techniques for equipping a threat hunt

How to execute a threat hunt

How to conclude and evaluate the effectiveness of a threat hunt

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