Compromised Accounts, Compromised Emails, Access Currently for Sale

Sector: Any
Company size: All
Department: Intel Team, CSIRT, Fraud Team, SOC

Compromised credentials refer to login credentials such as usernames, passwords and personally identifiable information (PII) that has been unlawfully obtained. This can occur through various means, including phishing attacks, data breaches, or malware infections. Compromised credentials pose a significant threat to organizations as they can be used to impersonate legitimate users, escalate privileges, and carry out malicious activities such as data theft, fraud, or sabotage. Mitigating the risk of compromised credentials can be achieved through robust authentication mechanisms, monitoring, and user education. However, security teams also need to identify when accounts have been compromised and for this, they need to access the dark web.

Cybersixgill continuously monitors your assets, brand, employees and customer data across the cybercriminal underground and on social media in real-time, providing early warnings and actionable recommendations to help safeguard assets and proactively remediate threats as they surface.

Using our Access Currently for Sale dashboard, get a streamlined view of your organization's exposure to underground compromised access markets, also known as Initial Access Broker (IAB) markets. Cybersixgill instantly collects and categorizes data on compromised credentials from the deep and dark web by type (e.g., Slack, Jira, Salesforce) so you can prioritize remediation activities or instigate a dark web purchase to remove specific credentials from the underground.

Set up customizable alerts to notify you of leaked credentials on the deep and dark web, including instant messaging apps, IRC chats and limited-access dark web forums and marketplaces.

With our real-time collection and monitoring capabilities, your team can quickly mitigate exposure from compromised accounts, deny threat actors access and limit damage to your business operations.

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Key capabilities delivered by Cybersixgill for this use case:

Immediate detection of data leaks compromising your organization and assets

Comprehensive, real-time coverage of dark web, deep web, IM apps and paste sites

OCR image-to-text and multi-language intel extraction

Intuitive search functionality to investigate threats

Understand the origin of identified leaks

Opportunity to purchase leaked credentials and remove them from the dark web

How to identify leaked credentials

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