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Supply chain monitoring is critical to cybersecurity

Supply chain attacks have grown in popularity among cyber criminals. These attacks enable threat actors to access the IT environments of companies with strong security protections by exploiting weaknesses in the security posture of their third-party suppliers. Many vendors have privileged access to the data and IT systems of their customers. By stealing credentials from a vendor with poor security hygiene or weak defenses, attackers can often gain access to many other high-value targets.

Supply chain monitoring technologies can help protect against threats that originate with third-party vendors. With superior solutions, organizations can mitigate risk and improve security performance by monitoring the security posture of vendors and helping them to mitigate security issues. 

Cybersixgill enhances supply chain monitoring with comprehensive cyber threat intelligence collected from the clear, deep, and dark web. By capturing, processing, and alerting security teams to emerging threats, Cybersixgill enables organizations to proactively block attacks and mitigate risk within the supply chain.

Identifying supply chain threats on the dark web 

Supply chain attacks enable threat actors to infiltrate organizations by exploiting the poor cybersecurity practices of their vendors. There are many ways that attackers can exploit the supply chain. They may inject malware into software or application updates of a software vendor which, after installation within the IT systems of customers, provides access to a large number of targets. Attackers may also install malware on USB drives, cameras, and mobile devices which executes when these devices are connected to a company’s network. Hackers may even compromise the tools used to develop software, automatically introducing weaknesses in the development process before applications are released.

As threat actors lay the groundwork for their attacks, they will often turn to the dark web for the information, data, and tools they need. The dark web is a small portion of the Internet where individuals can communicate and transact with relative anonymity. On dark web forms, underground marketplaces, and code repositories, cybercriminals often leave clues or footprints about Internet attacks that can help security teams to defend against a broad array of threats including supply chain attacks.

The most effective supply chain monitoring solutions will continuously scour the dark web as well as sites on the deep and clear web for signs of attacks in the making. By analyzing the anatomy of these threats and extracting file hashes, third-party monitoring technology gives security teams the tools they need to proactively configure firewalls and trigger playbooks to block potential attacks and to share that information with third-party vendors. Cyber security monitoring solutions can also alert security teams to specific threats against vendors as well as their executives and customers, strengthening the security posture of the organization as well as its suppliers.

Supply chain monitoring with Cybersixgill

The Cybersixgill threat intelligence platform provides organizations with the exclusive, real-time access to the largest database of threat activity on the deep, dark, and clear web. Leveraging the power of machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence, we help our customers to fight cybercrime, prevent supply chain attacks, detect fraud, enhance brand protection, remediate vulnerabilities, and strengthen cybersecurity compliance. 

Our platform includes:

  • API Integration. Cybersixgill’s vast collection of cyber threat intelligence data can also be consumed, via an application programming interface (API) that integrates directly into existing workflows and system architectures to address multiple use cases & functionalities. The API offering supports database queries and query-based notifications, actionable alerts tailored to your organizational assets, automated feed of malicious IOCs, detection of leaked user credentials, real-time feed of CVE-related events and developments, multi-tenant (MSSP) configurations and more. A new integration per customer request can be created within a week.

  • Investigative Portal. Combining unmatched threat data collection capabilities with search functionality and automation, the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal provides deep contextual visibility into threats on the clear, deep and dark web. With our portal, security teams can access the insights they need to conduct investigations in real time and minimize the attack surface by mitigating and remediating threats. A unique machine learning algorithm correlates datasets within the Cybersixgill database with client assets, prioritizing security actions based on real threats to each customer. By configuring the portal to investigate and alert to threats against each supplier, security teams can enhance supply chain monitoring activities to protect vendors and improve security posture.

  • DVE Intelligence. Cybersixgill Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Intelligence helps security teams to prioritize vulnerability remediation more effectively. Rather than assessing vulnerabilities based primarily on severity, DVE Intelligence mines chatter and other data on the deep and dark web to determine which vulnerabilities are most likely to be exploited in the next 90 days. This intelligence enables teams to remediate these software flaws first, defending against emerging threats more successfully. By sharing this intelligence with vendors, security teams can improve supply chain security.

Superior technology for supply chain monitoring

When you choose the Cybersixgill platform, your supply chain monitoring program will be powered by the broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities available. Our technology covertly extracts data from a wide range of sources on the deep and dark web. These include limited-access web forums, illicit markets, code repositories, invite-only messaging groups and paste sites, as well as blogs, social media, and messaging apps on the clear web.

Our solutions are fully automated and collect data from 700,000+ sources on the deep and dark web – 5x more than any competitor. This includes 10x more collection from dark web sources and 13x collection from instant messaging apps. Our data extraction technology is 24x faster than other vendors, and we are able to infiltrate and scrape data that is inaccessible to other vendors. Approximately 10 million new intel items are indexed each day by Cybersixgill crawlers.

Once collected, we process, index, tag and filter each intelligence item, enriching it with context according to each customer’s unique assets and attack surface. Our research has enabled us to build a collection of more than 7 million threat actor profiles, providing deeper insight into the threats that our customers face.

Cybersixgill automated alerts can be customized and configured to warn organizations of newly detected threats minutes after they emerge, enabling security teams to block IOCs before they can be weaponized. By seamlessly integrating our threat intelligence with other solutions in the technology stack, we ensure that everyone throughout the organization has access to the timeliest and most accurate threat intelligence.

Why Cybersixgill?

Cybersixgill is dedicated to protecting organizations against malicious cyberattacks before they materialize, no matter where they originate. We accomplish this by empowering security teams with agile, automated, and contextual cyber threat intelligence gathered from the clear, deep, and dark web.

In addition to supply chain monitoring, our solutions enable security teams to defend against a wide range of threats, including:

  • Ransomware and malware. Real-time alerts and essential context help combat ransomware malicious malware attacks.

  • Vulnerability exploitation. Cybersixgill helps security teams understand which vulnerabilities are likeliest to be targeted, providing insights around emerging threats, trends and context on actors in their intent.

  • Compromised credentials. Automatic notifications alert security teams to leaked employee credentials for sale on dark web marketplaces.

  • Data leaks. Custom, automated warnings of leaked organizational data help to mitigate damage quickly.

  • Brand impersonation. Advance warnings of online brand abuse help organizations to shut down fake websites and rogue applications on app stores.

  • Stolen credit cards. Real-time alerts provide information when credit card credentials are linked or sold on underground markets, IM apps, or IRC chats.


What is supply chain monitoring?

In cybersecurity, supply chain monitoring involves tracking the security performance of vendors within an organization’s supply chain. Because cyberattacks and data breaches often originate in third-party IT systems, monitoring the security practices of suppliers can help an organization to mitigate threats and improve its own security posture. Supply chain monitoring is an essential part of a superior risk management strategy.

What are supply chain attacks?

Supply chain attacks are cyberattacks designed to penetrate an organization’s defenses by targeting and breaching the defenses of vendors or suppliers. Supply chain attacks are often accomplished through malware that is injected into software or application updates.