Ransomware & Malware Protection

Sector: Any
Company size: Enterprise/SME
Department: Intel Team, CSIRT, SOC, Analysts

Continuously monitor ransomware forums, markets and dedicated leaks sites (DLS) to provide critical insight regarding ransomware and malware operators. Monitor their capabilities, specialties and limitations in ransomware markets and get alerts as ransomware as a service (RaaS) operators extend their reach to promote their malware on the underground.

Learn more about RaaS affiliate programs and revenue sharing models, block, analyze and further investigate specific threat actors, their TTPs, motivations and social networks. Know which vulnerabilities will be targeted, get granular insights around emerging trends and context on threat actors and their objectives.

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Key capabilities delivered by Cybersixgill for this use case:

Continuous ransomware monitoring in real-time from the widest range of sources on the clear, deep and dark web

Covert access to dedicated leak sites

Track the sale of compromised assets

Alerts regarding RaaS activity

Map full IAB-ransomware cycle

Vulnerability exploit intelligence

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