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Extending cyber security monitoring to the dark web

Cyber security monitoring is essential for protecting your organization from threats. By continuously observing activity within your network – on endpoints and on websites and web applications – cyber security monitoring enables your security teams detect suspicious behavior and take action against threats before they become significant security incidents.

While uncovering threats and detecting intrusions as they happen can help to stop attacks, identifying threats before they happen provides even greater security. That’s where Cybersixgill comes in. With fully automated threat intelligence solutions that collect intelligence from the clear, deep and dark web, Cybersixgill helps security teams discover what attackers are planning – before they strike.

Monitoring of dark web sources

Most cyber security monitoring solutions provide continuous monitoring of networks and devices like laptops, desktops, mobile phones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These technologies are designed to detect suspicious activity, monitor unusual traffic, spot questionable behavior, warn about strange logins, identify vulnerabilities, and flag performance issues that may indicate an intrusion. 

By detecting problems earlier, cyber security monitoring technologies can help security teams to mitigate threats, minimize damage, address vulnerabilities, reduce downtime, and ensure legal compliance with regulatory frameworks. Third-party monitoring solutions help organizations to improve security by tracking the security posture of vendors and mitigating threats within the supply chain. 

For all their value, typical cyber security monitoring solutions tend to focus on spotting attacks as they happen, rather than before they occur. To proactively prevent attacks, security teams need cyber threat intelligence that can tip them off to emerging attacks, IOCs and the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that attackers are deploying. 

Dark web cyber security monitoring solutions provide this intelligence by tracking activity on websites on the deep and dark web – the places where threat actors gather to communicate and do business. Dark web forums, underground marketplaces, and code repositories are the sites where threat actors discuss methods, share information, buy and sell data, and acquire the tools they need to carry out attacks. By covertly monitoring these difficult-to-access sites, security teams can gain invaluable intelligence about threats in the making, allowing them to take action to block these attacks well before they are launched.

Cyber security monitoring with Cybersixgill

To improve the effectiveness of cyber security monitoring, Cybersixgill offers a fully automated threat intelligence platform that features the broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities available. Our technology captures, processes, and alerts teams to emerging threats, TTPs and IOCs the moment they surface on the clear, deep, or dark web.

Cybersixgill technologies provides:

  • Comprehensive collection. Cybersixgill collects threat intelligence data from 700,000+ sources on the deep and dark web, 5x more than other threat intelligence companies. Our data includes 10x more dark web sources, 13x more instant messaging apps, and 20x more items collected from Telegram than our competitors.

  • Faster intelligence. Our technology extracts data 24x faster than other vendors, delivering intelligence to security teams earlier to help prevent attacks more successfully.

  • Exclusive sources. Our fully automated technology for infiltrating sources can scrape data from many sites that are inaccessible to other vendors, such as high-value sources with complex CAPTCHA and posts that have been deleted.

  • Automated alerts. Customize, automated alerts warn security teams about newly detected threats specific to the organization and its assets. Alerts can also be configured for vendors to improve supply chain monitoring.

  • Easy integration. Our threat intelligence data can be seamlessly integrated with technologies in the security stack such as existing SIEM, SOAR, VM and TIP platforms. 

  • Tailored insight. Our threat intelligence is correlated to the unique needs, workflows, assets, and attack surface of each customer, eliminating alert fatigue and reducing false positives.

The Cybersixgill platform

The Cybersixgill threat intelligence platform comprises several products that help cyber teams harness dark web monitoring to advance cyber security monitoring, vulnerability management and incident response capabilities.

API Integration

Cybersixgill’s vast collection of cyber threat intelligence data can also be consumed, via an application programming interface (API) that integrates directly into existing workflows and system architectures to address multiple use cases & functionalities. The API offering supports database queries and query-based notifications, actionable alerts tailored to your organizational assets, automated feed of malicious IOCs, detection of leaked user credentials, real-time feed of CVE-related events and developments, multi-tenant (MSSP) configurations and more. A new integration per customer request can be created within a week.

Investigative Portal

Cybersixgill’s SaaS Investigative Portal provides unmatched contextual visibility into threat activity on the clear, deep, and dark web. This Cybersixgill solution empowers security teams with the insights they need to proactively conduct investigations and hunt threats in real time. With Investigative Portal, security teams can minimize the attack surface, prioritize and respond to emerging threats, and mitigate attacks with contextual and actionable recommendations for remediation. Analysts and security teams can drill down into any escalation in real time to understand the context. They can also access 7 million+ profiles of threat actors and analyze across languages, sites, timeframes, topics, entities, and types of products.

DVE Intelligence

Cybersixgill Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Intelligence streamlines vulnerability prioritization by identifying the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to the organization in the near future. Combining advanced analytics and rich vulnerability exploit intelligence drawn from dark web chatter, DVE Intelligence alerts teams to the high-risk vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited within the next 90 days. Armed with this intelligence, security teams can prioritize remediation more effectively and streamline vulnerability management end to end.

Why Cybersixgill?

Offering fully automated threat intelligence solutions, Cybersixgill helps organizations fight cybercrime, prevent fraud, stop phishing campaigns, detect data leaks, enhance brand monitoring, and prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation. By extracting intelligence from the largest collection of deep and dark web sources, we mitigate cyber risk and protect organizations against malicious cyberattacks before they materialize.

Our solutions deliver:

  • Essential context. To help teams understand the criticality of each threat and vulnerability, we provide insight about threat status, asset criticality and actions required for remediation.

  • Deeper visibility. Our vast data collection makes it easy to converge and consolidate all underground threat intelligence into a contextual model to power and modernize security tools, platforms, processes, and people.

  • Covert collection. We keep security teams and assets fully anonymous with solutions that are fully covert.

  • Earlier warnings. Our technology catches threats as they emerge and in the planning stages, before attacks are deployed or leaked credentials are sold.

  • Multi-lingual support. Our solutions support intelligence in English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, and a powerful translation engine enables security teams to understand the language of the underground.


What is cyber security monitoring?

Cyber security monitoring is the practice of continuously observing IT systems to detect cyber threats, data breaches, and other security issues. By helping to identify threats early, monitoring solutions can help to mitigate attacks faster and limit the damage they can do. Monitoring solutions may track activity on networks as well as endpoints like individual laptops, mobile phones, desktop computers, and IoT devices.

What is dark web monitoring?

Dark web monitoring is a form of cyber security monitoring that tracks activity on locations on the deep and dark web where cybercriminals buy, sell and share information, data and tools. By monitoring dark web forums and underground marketplaces, security teams can uncover the earliest signs of imminent attacks, providing them with cyber threat intelligence and adequate time to more successfully block threats.