How to Transform Your Patching Cadence with Intent-Based Intelligence

Uncover how to dynamically identify and prioritize the vulnerabilities presenting the greatest risk over the next 90 days with Cybersixgill’s new DVE Score.

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Vulnerabilities are being discovered at a record pace, creating unprecedented risk.

Vulnerability management teams are facing several challenges in prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities:

  • It takes an average of 12 days for teams to coordinate and apply a patch across all devices. (Ponemon)

  • 72% of managers are afraid to apply security patches right away because they could “break stuff.”

  • 65% of companies say that it is too difficult for them to decide correctly on the priority level of each software patch.

Obviously, the current system is severely constrained.

In this white paper, we uncover how cybersecurity professionals can use Cybersixgill’s new DVE Score for agile vulnerability management to dynamically identify and prioritize the vulnerabilities presenting the greatest risk over the next 90 days.

Fixing the broken middle

By evaluating chatter on underground forums in the deep and dark web as well as intelligence from various other sources in real-time, security practitioners can:

Estimate the likelihood of a given vulnerability being exploited in the near future

Track, monitor, and prioritize vulnerabilities in order of their urgency in light of real-time threat intel

Ensure to install the most pressing patches first

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