Harnessing Risk Intelligence to Achieve Enforceable Security and Compliance

Apply contextual risk-based threat intelligence to enhance data security, compliance, and regulatory adherence, minimizing cybersecurity threats and assessing business risk.

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As compliance regulations continue to evolve in step with many national cybersecurity mandates and information privacy laws mature into compulsory directives, businesses are facing a formidable challenge: balancing the imperative of meeting data compliance obligations with safeguarding their data security.

This session will demonstrate how to apply contextual risk-based threat intelligence against common regulatory security frameworks, examining popular data security requirements and information privacy laws. The end goal is to empower businesses to leverage CTI to gain a clearer picture of organizational risk while helping to prioritize cyber security threats targeting businesses across the cyber exploit chain and ensure compliance with enterprise security policy.

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You'll gain invaluable insights into:

The evolving landscape of compliance regulations and cybersecurity mandates.

The importance of implementing security controls across the cyber kill chain.

The role of cyber solutions in measuring data security policy efficacy.

Proactive risk-based threat intelligence as a tool for security assessment.

Applying contextual risk-based threat intelligence against regulatory frameworks.

Meet our speaker

Chris Strand

Chris Strand

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

Christopher Strand is the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Cybersixgill. He has spent the last 25 years developing business models and cutting-edge market opportunities within a broad range of IT Security businesses. He has brought value to both established industry names looking to expand their market share and to small start ups requiring differentiation to break into the market. At Cybersixgill he is responsible for leading the global security risk and compliance business unit, which helps companies and security executives bridge the gap between cybersecurity and regulatory cyber-compliance.

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