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Vulnerability Exploit Intelligence For The Entire CVE Lifecycle

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Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Intelligence enables threat analysts, security engineers, vulnerability management and GRC teams to quickly find, measure, prioritize and remediate the risk of vulnerabilities across the entire CVE lifecycle. By correlating asset exposure and impact severity data with unique real-time vulnerability exploit intelligence from the deep and dark web, organizations can streamline vulnerability management activities, pre-empt risk, and save time and money.


Discover how DVE Intelligence enables teams to prioritize vulnerabilities


Proven to identify high-risk vulnerabilities before the NVD

Boasting capabilities such as mapping vulnerabilities to your organization’s assets, automated CPE-CVE matching, MITRE ATT&CK mapping, context enrichment with threat actor discourse, dynamic exploitability scores and integrated remediation information, DVE Intelligence is a game-changer amongst security, vulnerability and GRC teams.

Independent of NVD data

Get the earliest and most accurate warning of a CVE being exploited over the next 90 days, hours after it is published.

Asset-specific context

Map CVEs and their risk scores to your unique portfolio of organizational assets.

Includes open source vulnerabilities

DVE Intelligence also incorporates insights from, giving teams visibility of vulnerabilities present in open source tools and programs.

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Transforming Threat Intelligence With AI

Cybersixgill IQ, our powerful generative AI capability turns raw intelligence into human-readable, contextual summaries, finished reporting and an always-available AI assistant, making threat intelligence more accessible to everyone at every level of experience.

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Use Cases For DVE Intelligence

Vulnerability intelligence

Empower teams with the critical insight and context they need to accurately identify and prioritize the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to their organization, streamlining vulnerability analysis, prioritization, management and remediation.

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The DVE Score is a huge time saver. Not only can you drill in to identify the sources and content of real issues, but you don’t put time into things that aren’t issues or likely to become issues.

Global Threat Intelligence Manager

DVE Intelligence Product Tour

Watch DVE Intelligence in action

In less than 5 minutes, our product experts demonstrate how DVE Intelligence streamlines vulnerability analysis and enables accurate prioritization of risk exposure for remediation.

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Our Data, Your Way

DVE intelligence can be delivered to your threat analysts, incident responders, security engineers, vulnerability and GRC teams via our single/multi-tenant SaaS Investigative Portal, API or through an intelligence feed.

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