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Beyond the Headlines March 2023

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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of some of the industry’s biggest news stories? Cybersixgill’s intelligence experts take you beyond the headlines, into the world of the cybercriminal underground to explore how these cyber attacks started, the tactics deployed, threat actor chatter and how you can avoid a similar fate.

Every month, we bring you an analysis of the top cyber security stories from around the world as well as news on ransomware and malware activity. We will also share the latest CVEs to watch out for, using our real-time DVE Intelligence to identify the likelihood of each vulnerability being exploited, and the CVEs that are being discussed on the deep and dark web in our Most Mentioned List.

Beyond the Headlines March 2023

In this edition

Major European insurance company warns cyberattack coverage may be infeasible.

Popular DevOps tool ‘Git’ patches critical zero-day flaws.

ChatGPT’s dark side: Cybercriminals create malware, target victims using revolutionary AI tool.

Honeypots record millions of data breach attempts in a one-month period.

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