2023 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey

To understand the evolving trend of cyber threat intelligence as a strategic imperative for organizations today and how that impacts security teams and the challenges they face, Cybersixgill commissioned a survey, inviting cyber security professionals across industries and geographies to participate.

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As technology and threat intelligence capabilities have progressed over the years, the defensive strategies of identifying and resolving a breach which heavily featured in the past are transforming to more proactive strategies. Organizations are now seeking to gain full visibility of their assets and attack surface exposure, continuously monitoring them with threat intelligence from the clear, deep and dark web to minimize the risk of a breach.

This report highlights the findings from our recent Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey, in which we spoke to more than 100 CTI practitioners and managers to better understand their organizational threat intelligence objectives. We also discussed the greatest challenges they face in leveraging CTI to strengthen cyber defenses and protect their companies from an attack. Download to see what challenges cybersecurity practitioners are facing.

2023 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey

What you'll learn

Top objectives for CTI users

Important tasks and satisfaction with CTI tools

Number of CTI tools used

How Cybersixgill measures up

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