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Unlike other ASM products, Cybersixgill embeds our complete collection of cyber threat intelligence into our solution to deliver the most accurate assessment of risk exposure. Our automated external asset discovery integrates with third-party vendors for a more comprehensive, centralized asset inventory.

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Key product features

Automated external asset discovery

Continuously discover and map assets including domains, subdomains, software, certificates, storage locations, IPs and hosts across the entire supply chain and detection of dozens of web dependencies from third party services.

Integrate third party solutions

Integrate native scanning or discovery with assets from third party EASM and CAASM or manually upload internal assets, to view your entire asset inventory from a single dashboard.

Scope every asset

Gain insight into asset association, location, asset type, context, related/connected assets, associated CVES, associated software and alerts.

Early warnings of risk

Immediately view asset triggered alerts of potential exposures, categorized by asset type. Prioritize vulnerability treatment based on exploitability.

IQ assistance

Personalized AI assistant embedded throughout the platform, to make threat data easier to understand for every level of experience.

IQ finished reporting

Instantly generate refined and finished intelligence reports or tables, customized to your unique industry, geography, user persona and use cases.

Powered by our real-time collection of CTI

Attack Surface Management is enhanced by our rich, real-time collection of threat intelligence from the clear, deep and dark web, rapidly updating results to reflect changing events as they happen in the cybercriminal underground.

About our threat intelligence
Real time intelligence

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Your entire external asset inventory at a glance and in detail

The insight and threat intelligence you need to actively monitor each asset

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Our Data, Your Way

Attack Surface Management is available within our SaaS Portal that supports both single and multi-tenancy users, via API or integration into your existing technology.

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