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Twitch & Roblox Threatened by ALPHV/BlackCat

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Renewed Concerns As 23andMe Confirms Genetic Data Leak

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Cancer Patients Extorted After Hunters International Attack

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E-Retailer Leaked Credentials Stats 2023

Give your customers the latest industry statistics and trends in an easy-to-read format. This month, we explore the total number of e-retailer credentials detected on the deep and dark web in 2023, highlighting the top 5 e-retailers affected.

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Trends from the Underground H1 2023 | Cybersixgill

Trends from the Underground H1 2023

Discover the crucial insights that could safeguard your organization against the rising tide of cyber threats in the second half of 2023.

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Defense Against the Dark Web Podcast: Navigating GRC with some help from CTI

Navigating GRC with some help from CTI

Gain insights into the strategic integration of GRC and CTI, discover practical approaches to navigating audits, and learn how organizations can foster a proactive cybersecurity culture while meeting regulatory demands.

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Darkfeed: Combatting Initial Access

Darkfeed: Combatting Initial Access

Uncover the methods employed by adversaries to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized entry into organizations’ digital infrastructures

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Why is deep and dark web CTI so important?

To help your customers transition from a reactive to proactive security posture, you need access to the place where threat actors plan, discuss ideas, seek information and sell goods or services. Open source (OSINT) threat intelligence only scratches the surface of what’s available and made available up to 8 weeks after an event has passed. Organizations need unrestricted access to a fully automated collection of clear, deep and dark web intelligence to deliver the real-time insights they need.

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