Trends from the Underground H1 2023

Discover the crucial insights that could safeguard your organization against the rising tide of cyber threats in the second half of 2023. Our report takes a deep dive into the activities of threat actors worldwide, shedding light on the escalating ransomware attacks and vulnerability exposures that continue to plague the digital landscape.

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This report provides a comprehensive review of threat actor activities worldwide in the first half of 2023. It highlights the alarming rise in ransomware attacks and vulnerability exposures, along with unexpected changes in compromised credit card trends. The dominance of Generative AI solutions in the cyber domain is explored, as both threat actors and defenders rush to integrate AI capabilities into their strategies for the ongoing cyber arms race.

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The key trends discussed in this report are:

A change in direction for credit card fraud

Ransomware attack trends including the ransomware groups dominating our headlines in 2023

Initial access broker market movements

Dark web forums vs. encrypted messaging apps

Vulnerability exposure trends including the top 10 vulnerabilities of 2023

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