Darkfeed: Combatting Initial Access

Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the depths of the deep and dark web to explore the world of initial access and its crucial role in cybersecurity.

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In this webinar, we will shed light on the concept of initial access and how threat actors leverage it to breach networks and compromise systems. We will uncover the methods employed by adversaries to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized entry into organizations’ digital infrastructures.


Key Topics Covered:

Understanding initial access: What it is and why it matters in cybersecurity.

Illuminating the underground: Unveiling the intelligence hidden within the deep and dark web.

A glimpse into threat actor tactics: How adversaries utilize initial access to infiltrate networks.

Fortifying defenses: Strategies to combat initial access pre and post compromise.

Meet our speaker

Michael-Angelo Zummo

Michael-Angelo Zummo

Global Director, CTI Analysts

Michael-Angelo Zummo is the North America Threat Intelligence Manager for Cybersisxgill. Michael is an experienced cybercrime, cyber threat and investigative analyst. Previously, he was a cryptologic linquist for the NSA and a crime analyst in Pinellas Florida. Michael was a military academic advisor at SNHU, and has a Master’s Degree in cybercrime investigations and cybersecurity from Boston University.

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