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Introducing Cybersixgill IQ

Please join Benji Preminger, Senior Product Manager at Cybersixgill, in his exclusive tour of our new generative AI capabilities.

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Join us to learn:

  • Get a first peek at Cybersixgill's newly announced generative AI capabilities - Cybersixgill IQ.

  • Experience the infinite possibilities of generating high-quality, fully processed intelligence that's ready to use, all within the IQ chat - our generative AI chatbot trained on Cybersixgill's unique data from the deep and dark web.

  • See how IQ summarization of initial access broker intelligence makes it 10 times easier to understand and take action against these high-value threats.

Cybersixgill IQ hero character

Meet our speaker

Benjamin Preminger

Benjamin Preminger

Senior Product Manager

Benjamin Preminger is a Senior Product Manager at Cybersixgill, with a wealth of expertise in cyber threat intelligence, Product Management and Artificial Intelligence. In his current role, Benjamin leads the development of Cybersixgill's investigative portal and vulnerability intelligence solutions. He holds a BA from Yale and an MA from Johns Hopkins SAIS.

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