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Achieving Compliance to PCI DSS 4.0 with Cybersixgill

As the sole CTI vendor offering a specialized compliance and risk solution, Cybersixgill uniquely positions you to meet the March 31, 2024, reporting deadline with confidence.

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Join Cybersixgill's Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Christopher Strand, as he demonstrates Cybersixgill's compliance readiness solution and its crucial role in facilitating continuous compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 4.0.

Discover how Cybersixgill identifies and assigns a risk ranking to vulnerabilities based on industry best practices and consideration of potential impact. Learn how it streamlines the measurement and analysis of existing and newly mandated PCI requirements, fortifying the security posture for businesses entrusted with safeguarding payment card and user data.


You'll gain invaluable insights into:

Understanding PCI DSS Compliance:

Insights into the PCI DSS framework and its evolving requirements, especially the transition to version 4.0.

Dynamic Vulnerability Prioritization:

Learn how Cybersixgill's solution dynamically prioritizes vulnerabilities using external sources and threat intelligence.

Automated Risk Ranking:

Discover how the solution automates the risk ranking process, meeting the stringent requirements of PCI DSS 4.0.

Exploit Scoring and Analysis:

Explore the use of Cybersixgill's Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) score in identifying and addressing potential security risks.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring:

Gain knowledge on continuous monitoring and reassessment of cybersecurity posture in alignment with PCI DSS standards.

Practical Application and Case Studies:

Real-world examples and case studies illustrating the solution's impact on improving security controls and compliance processes.

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