Frost & Sullivan External Risk Mitigation & Management, 2023

The External Risk Mitigation and Management (ERMM) market is experiencing substantial growth, driven by the consolidation of functions and the entry of new vendors. This report summarizes Frost & Sullivan's analysis of companies in this industry, benchmarked across growth and innovation criteria with a specific focus on Cybersixgill.

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With increased complexity in IT and the essential role of third-party integration, traditional perimeter-based security is no longer sufficient to safeguard against sophisticated attacks. Threat actors now target digital assets beyond an organization's network, utilizing tactics such as smishing and phishing-as-a-service. In response, businesses are urged to adopt robust data protection measures to mitigate the severe consequences of breaches.

External Risk Mitigation and Management solutions offer a proactive security approach, integrating various cybersecurity practices to map external attack surfaces, monitor the threat landscape, and enhance organizational security strategy. Frost & Sullivan have released their 2024 review of the market, assessing the key vendors leading the charge, analyzing their capabilities to assist organizations in their search for a solution that meets their needs.

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You'll gain invaluable insights into:

External Risk Mitigation & Management:

What ERMM platforms are and how they benefit security teams

The ERMM Market:

Vendors operating in this space and an overview of their capabilities

Cybersixgill – An Independent Review:

Frost & Sullivan experts deliver their verdict on Cybersixgill’s ERMM platform

The Future of ERMM:

Sector growth forecasts and insights into new, innovative features to take advantage of

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