CTI: A Formidable Weapon in Cyberwarfare

A Look at the Top Use Cases for Threat Intelligence

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In the Digital Age, a number of factors make cyber threat intelligence (CTI) a critical component of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy: complex IT environments, expanding attack surfaces, tightening regulatory mandates, supply chain risk, and threat actors’ sophisticated cyber attack methods. When factoring each organization’s unique attack surface and assets, comprehensive CTI empowers security teams to proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities posing the greatest risk to the business and take measures to remediate issues before they become large-scale incidents.

This eBook describes the many ways CTI can be used to proactively defend organizations against emerging threats, detect a breach and determine the extent of any damage caused as a result of an attack.

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The use cases detailed include:

Threat detection and prevention

Vulnerability management

Threat hunting and automated monitoring

Third-party and supply chain compromise

Threat actor profiling

Cyber governance and compliance

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