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IOC Enrichment That Accelerates Incident Prevention & Response

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Security teams relying on manual and generic intelligence collection, indexing and labelling are failing to provide comprehensive and efficient security for their organizations. Unlike other feeds which deliver out-dated results, Darkfeed collects IOCs from the source in real-time, providing you with the earliest indication of risk so you can proactively block threats before they are weaponized.


Access unparalelled threat context

Darkfeed is powered by the broadest automated collection of threat intelligence from the deep, dark and clear web, and is the most comprehensive, automated IOC enrichment solution available.

Automatically enrich IOCs from your SIEM, SOAR, TIP or VM (machine-to-machine) via Darkfeed to block threats in real-time.

Gain contextual insights with essential explanations of IOCs.

Proactively analyze and investigate new malware threats as they emerge.

Mapped to the Mitre ATT&CK framework and STIX/TAXII compatible.


Key product features

Enrich IP Addresses

Access C&C server IP addresses for the most prevalent malware and for servers involved in botnets, DDoS attacks, proxy anonymization, compromised RDP addresses and more.

Enrich Domains

Visibility of compromised sites with access sold on the dark web and suspicious domains that are for sale on the dark web.

Enrich Threat Actor Profiles

View all IOCs shared by threat actors in the last 90 days. Understand their areas of activity, choice of targets and techniques.

Enrich Hashes of Malware

Proactively analyze and investigate hashes of malware as they emerge on the dark web, including malware undetected by AV vendors.

Enrich URLs

Identify, investigate and download malware shared on hosted underground file-sharing and paste sites.

Darkfeed is our fraud teams’ magic bullet of real-time intelligence. It has transformed our ability to understand and minimize digital risk across the entire organization.

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Our Data, Your Way

Cyber Threat Intelligence is available within our SaaS Portal that supports both single and multi-tenancy users, via API or integration into your existing technology.

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