by Gabi Reish

Unraveling the true potential of Threat Exposure Management with Cybersixgill IQ

In the world of cyber threat intelligence (CTI), answering seemingly basic yet critical questions can be incredibly challenging. Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) constantly need answers to significant questions such as; Are we susceptible to ransomware? How resilient are we against phishing attacks? Can we safeguard our intellectual property? Which threat actor groups pose the greatest concern to my company? Unfortunately, many of these questions stay unanswered and organizations are left in the dark, unaware of what they don't know.

Effectively managing your threat exposure is essential in addressing these questions, as it involves understanding the specific attack surface of a company and correlates this information with threat intelligence to provide relevant and critical context. However, connecting all the pieces of the threat exposure puzzle, deciphering and correlating numerous findings to construct the complete picture, is an immensely challenging and complex task. 

Enter Cybersixgill IQ —the missing link that unlocks the true potential of threat exposure management. Not only has our comprehensive CTI been embedded within the new Attack Surface Management module that was introduced earlier this year, we have also added Cybersixgill IQ, generative AI capabilities throughout our products.

By utilizing GPT models trained on Cybersixgill's vast and unique repository of CTI threat context, combined with organization-specific attack surface context, Cybersixgill IQ effortlessly provides instantaneous and accurate answers to those seemingly straightforward senior leadership threat exposure questions. With the aid of Cybersixgill’ IQs generative AI models, inquiries such as "Is CVE XYZ impacting my organization?" or "Where are our most vulnerable areas?" yield immediate, accurate and easy to understand responses. 

Cybersixgill IQ’s generative AI, combined with our ASM module, is the long-awaited solution that finally unravels the true potential of threat exposure management, providing organizations with actionable insights, simplifying complex topics and empowering them to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of their threat landscape.

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