February 14, 2024by Cybersixgill

Q&A with Marc Holden, North America Vice President of Sales

Meet Marc Holden, Cybersixgill’s new North America Vice President of Sales. Marc is a seasoned cybersecurity executive with a proven track record of sales excellence. He brings extensive knowledge and experience in cybersecurity and big data solutions, having worked with Fortune 1,000 and Global 2,000 companies across various industries and regions. Marc will plan and execute our strategic vision in his new role to empower organizations to improve their security posture and operational efficiency with innovative and cutting-edge cyber threat intelligence technologies.

  • How do you believe Cybersixgill’s CTI solutions help solve customers’ pain points?

With a fast-evolving threat landscape, talent shortages, and compliance requirements that continually change across industries, states, and countries, security teams are challenged to stay ahead of the curve.

Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence and solutions address critical customer pain points, and because our solutions are scalable and seamlessly integrated into existing security stacks, our customers can easily and quickly arm themselves with critical insights to proactively block threats. From our extensive data lake to our generative AI capability embedded throughout all our solutions, we help customers collect relevant data and provide context-rich, actionable intelligence. Our capabilities help them operationalize their cyber threat intelligence (CTI) goals, make informed decisions faster, and preemptively stop an attack to protect their business-critical assets.

  • What do you believe Cybersixgill’s greatest strengths are, compared to competitors?

We readily provide our prospective and current customers access to an extensive data lake and the ability to have current and historical data. We extract real-time data faster and from more sources, like limited-access dark web forums, invite-only messaging groups, and paste sites, than other cybersecurity solutions available on the market. Additionally, unlike many ChatGPT solutions, Cybersixgill IQ, our generative AI solution, is trained on real-time clear, deep and dark web data and delivers streamlined, actionable insights so that security teams can mitigate risks before a threat actor strikes. 

We are a customer-first organization. Throughout the customer journey, we continuously work and collaborate to understand and validate each customer’s goals. From our suite of industry-leading solutions to the customer success team, we ensure they achieve current and future goals as they continue building their CTI programs.

  • What is one piece of advice you would offer a CISO about how to get ahead of today’s threats?

One key piece of advice I would offer a CISO is that no solution will solve every problem. For many security leaders, one of the biggest challenges they face is finding a flexible solution that provides them with meaningful data so they can make more informed decisions. From that perspective, Cybersixgill draws from extensive, real-time threat intelligence and articulates it in an easily digestible way with our generative AI. Solutions like ours help security teams operationalize against threats while also providing high-quality finished reporting and 24/7 assistance – and more importantly, we are “listening” to all the different threats so our customers can reduce the noise and quickly pivot to those relevant to them.

  • What attracted you to Cybersixgill? For instance, what stood out about the Cybersixgill team, technology, or approach that made you want to join?

I am passionate about building and nurturing high-performance teams and transformational technologies that can solve real-world problems. When I started to explore new opportunities, how a company’s culture enabled these was critical. For instance, how do teams interact with each other, what is the leadership style, and what are the company’s goals and values?

Cybersixgill aligned with my values, goals, and work style with their suite of products powered by purpose-built cutting-edge technology, talented people dedicated to the company’s mission and products, and an experienced leadership team. What stood out to me is that while the first two are commonly found in many startups, the third and critical factor - experienced leadership - can be hard to come by. Cybersixgill embodies all of these.

  • In your role as VP of Sales, what are your short- and long-term goals and vision?

My goals and vision are centered around our customers' experience, which needs to be seamless from the moment they first engage with us - whether through a webinar, blog, trade show, or demo request – to integrating our products into their daily workflow. The customer’s experience must be centered around the value Cybersixgill provides and how we help solve their cybersecurity challenges by enabling security teams to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and stop and detect threats quickly and effectively. I am building and upskilling the sales team to reflect this approach and will continue to focus on the culture of the customer. 

  • How are you guiding the team?

Our sales methodology is centered around MEDDPICC (metrics, economic buyer, decision criteria, decision process, paper process, identify pain, champion, and competition) and Command of the Message (COM) – what are the customer’s key challenges and how can Cybersixgill address them? These approaches are the foundation of our success as we begin to hyperscale. As we scale, it’s critical to keep Cybersixgill’s culture, which is built on the customer experience, at the forefront.

Our approach is expanding to include strategic value and commercial alignment to go above and beyond our MEDDPICC and COM methodology. With strategic value, we strive to align not only with our customers’ current goals but also with our Customer Success team to help customers start thinking of how to use our actionable data in more strategic ways and address multiple use cases throughout the business. From M&A and compliance to even third-party risk, we are constantly working with our customers to understand their business and unique challenges and how we can leverage our data, knowledge, and experience to help them.

  • What about this role do you find most exciting or challenging?

Navigating the cybersecurity landscape can be challenging. Threat actors are becoming more sophisticated and targeted, and for those in the CTI space, technology must be constantly updated to keep up with emerging threats.

From incident prevention, detection, and response to brand intelligence and compliance, I am excited about the many different use cases that we can help solve and the value we bring to our customers with our extensive knowledge of the clear, deep, and dark web and resources like monitoring social media and chatter on the underground. All this helps our customers maximize performance and protect themselves against malicious threats before they can be deployed in the wild.

  • Can you elaborate on your background and share some of your key accomplishments? 

I have worked at various stages of startups in technologies that include IP video surveillance, DBaaS, and cybersecurity. Before joining Cybersixgill, I was Senior Director of Sales for runZero, covering the Western United States, Canada, and Asia-Pacific territories. I’ve held leadership roles at CyberGRX, Couchbase, Gigamon, CA Technologies, March Networks, and Verint.

I have been fortunate to lead high-performing teams, resulting in our exceeding revenue goals and bolstering market expansion. Some of my key accomplishments include leading teams through two successful IPOs and two acquisitions. I also received several industry awards, including Sales Person of the Year, and afterward was recognized as Region or District of the Year at companies including March Networks, Gigamon, and Couchbase. As an individual contributor and revenue leader, I have had the opportunity to attend multiple President’s Clubs throughout my career. My proudest moment was at a Couchbase awards dinner when everyone on my team received an award for high performance and attended the President’s Club.

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