February 13, 2023by Cybersixgill

Expect malicious hackers to use artificial intelligence effectively

Recently Cybersixgill released a 2023 trends series. In the blog posts, our threat intelligence experts look at cybersecurity threats targeting organizations in the post-pandemic world of 2022 and look forward towards what threats and trends will impact cybersecurity in the coming year.

2022 introduced exciting advances in bringing artificial intelligence to the masses, such as DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and, particularly noteworthy - ChatGPT. Yet, with these AI-enabled tools, individuals and organizations must remain vigilant, as malicious actors use AI increasingly sophisticatedly to attack and breach organizations.

As shared by Cybersixgill’s Chief Product Officer Gabi Reish, exposure to AI in day-to-day life is at levels never seen before, resulting in a new and different level of sophistication in how organizations need to defend themselves and tactics used by malicious actors. For instance, with AI-enabled tools, attackers can improve phishing emails and make their messages more authentic.

Do you want to know how attackers use image generators and GPTs and finding vulnerabilities in code? Read the predictions and trends report to discover how malicious actors use AI to tip the scales into a successful cyberattack.

Cybersixgill can help you assess, measure, prioritize, and address emerging threats.

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