March 23, 2021by Cybersixgill

How Much Damage Can the Dark Web Do in One Minute? [Video]

There’s a reason that we at Cybersixgill put the dark web front and center when it comes to cyberthreat intelligence: The dark web is where hackers and other threat actors go to communicate about their nefarious plans without getting caught.

That doesn’t just make the dark web a valuable intel source. It also makes it a danger to the businesses, organizations, and private individuals who could be harmed by the plots those bad actors are launching in the relative anonymity that underground forums offer.

But how much bad stuff actually happens on the dark web, and how quickly? To answer those questions, we recently published a video showing the volume of worrisome activity that happens on the dark web in a typical minute.

Take a look to see for yourself what the latest statistics show.

How do we at Cybersixgll know the numbers in the video are accurate? They are key statistics that we have uncovered while tracking cyberthreat intelligence on the dark web. With the world’s most comprehensive data lake of this type of threat intel, we have an unmatched familiarity with what happens on various underground forums. And just like our AI-powered platform automatically analyzes this information to make it actionable for our clients, it can also calculate metrics and draw conclusions about the state of cyberthreats on the dark web more generally.

How can this information help you?

While cybersecurity professionals are already well aware of the risk posed by activity on the dark web, this video helps us to quantify this risk. That raises an important question: So what? How can knowing what a danger the dark web poses actually help us to mitigate that risk?

One key way cybersecurity professionals can use that information is by approaching the dark web not only as a danger, but also as an asset. The main reason threat actors use the dark web as much as they do is simply that it offers them relative anonymity. But with a cyberthreat intelligence tool such as Cybersixgill’s Investigative Portal and Darkfeed solutions, you can quickly, easily, and discreetly access the most relevant information from underground forums.

These solutions help you to implement two basic types of threat intel strategies: a proactive, investigative approach and a reactive, alert-driven approach. While these two approaches are quite different, they both tap into the dark web’s potential as a source of valuable threat intelligence. And since the dark web is often the first place where signs of an upcoming cyberattack appear, both approaches can give you advance warning of risks you might face, helping you to mitigate the danger of a potential cyberattack or even prevent it entirely.

This way, you can start to turn the volume of nefarious activity on the dark web – the numbers in the video above – into a (cybersecurity) opportunity and not only a (cyberthreat) risk.

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