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Forrester Total Economic Impact of Cybersixgill

The continued rise in financial fraud, phishing, and ransomware attacks all point to a growing need for organizations to consume actionable, relevant, real-time threat intelligence and contextual insights from clear, deep, and dark web sources. Successfully executing this task with the existing workforce and resources can be a near-impossible endeavor, given the sheer number of sources and overwhelming volume of data to analyze.

To help teams understand how Cybersixgill can significantly streamline these efforts and improve companies’ cyber defenses, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to outline the potential return on investment (ROI) that customers can realize by deploying our cyber threat intelligence (CTI) solutions. The study also offers users a framework for evaluating the financial impact of Cybersixgill on their organizations.

To paint an accurate picture of the benefits, costs, and risks of Cybersixgill’s solutions, Forrester interviewed several end-users -- including the global cyber threat intelligence lead for a multi-billion-dollar company and a cybersecurity practice manager of a large cybersecurity consultancy -- and conducted a three-year financial analysis. As a result, Forrester calculated a 311% ROI and $1.2M Net Present Value (NPV) for companies implementing Cybersixgill.

Combat cybercrime and reduce risk despite expanding attack surfaces and a growing skills shortage

As highlighted in some of the key findings below, our agile, automated threat intelligence solutions offer companies both direct and indirect benefits. For example, in addition to helping companies strengthen cyber defenses and reduce overall risk, Cybersixgill also significantly lowers the number of employee hours needed to perform cyber investigations. With the challenges facing security teams today – an ever-expanding attack surface, alert fatigue, a lack of skills and resources, and limited budgets – this reduction in time and expertise required for investigative work is a tremendous benefit.

Additionally, Cybersixgill relieves security teams from the burden of manually gaining access to deep and dark web sources, monitoring for critical threat intelligence, compiling relevant data, and deriving valuable insights – work that requires several analysts trained in deep and dark web monitoring. Through automated infiltration and continuous monitoring of clear, deep, and dark web sources, combined with advanced AI analysis refined according to each organization’s unique context, we’re able to deliver actionable, accurate insights with business-specific relevance. The result: teams can proactively detect the earliest indication of risk, defending against phishing, data leaks, fraud and vulnerabilities while amplifying incident response, in real-time, with little to no manual labor involved. Our solutions also help organizations keep pace with and better defend against increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals and lower the level of expertise needed by analysts to perform their important work.

Other highlights from Forrester’s TEI study of Cybersixgill include:

Avoided staff expansion to meet growing threat intelligence business demand, saving over $648,000 over three years.

Contributed new service offerings [to the cybersecurity consultancy], providing benefits worth almost $414,000 over three years.

Provided skilled cybersecurity analysts with the data and tools needed to perform dark web analysis, eliminating the need for a dark web team within the cybersecurity organization.

Ultimately, Forrester’s TEI analysis found that an organization can gain financial benefits of almost $1.57 million over three years with costs of roughly $382,000, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of almost $1,188,000 and an ROI of 311%.

In the words of one of the study participants as reflected in the report, “Before Cybersixgill, I was the only cybersecurity team member analyzing underground criminal forums. The barrier was the skill, art, and effort of obtaining the data; cybersecurity analysis skills are all that are necessary to interpret this information. Cybersixgill provides the data in a timely manner and [provides] an easy-to-use search engine for the dark web. We quickly went from one analyst in this space to 10 analysts. Depending on the purpose, the work effort went down 25% to 90%.”

— Cybersecurity practice manager

You can download and read the entire Forrester TEI Study of Cybersixgill here.

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