by Gabi Reish

Cybersixgill generative AI sets a new industry standard for CTI

Threat Intelligence has different meanings and usage patterns across companies and roles.

The cyber threat intelligence (CTI) industry currently faces two significant challenges: Confusion surrounding the identification of required use-cases or requirements from a CTI solution and a lack of compatibility with less security-mature companies. Consequently, the industry has not yet realized the full market potential of CTI, catering only to a fraction of the broader addressable market.

At Cybersixgill, we have revolutionalized the adoption of cyber threat intelligence with our generative AI features, making CTI accessible to all organizations, addressing diverse use-cases and effortlessly adapting to different security-maturity levels. By leveraging sophisticated prompt engineering and training our language model (LLM) on our vast and unparalleled dataset using GPT, Cybersixgill has redefined the CTI landscape, providing unprecedented accessibility and insights within the industry.

Cybersixgill’s generative AI intelligently interprets customer inquiries, delivering data and insights that precisely align with their required use-cases. Whether you need a concise threat overview summary for your CEO, vulnerability exposure analysis for your managed SMB, or a comprehensive forensic incident report, our GPT style AI will effortlessly deliver.

With its clear and straightforward summarizations, custom report generation, and cutting-edge interactive Chatbot experience, Cybersixgill now offers a truly transformative end-to-end solution. This seamlessly integrates into your existing CTI workflows, supplementing and enhancing the insights many are already familiar with through our intuitive portal or API.

Cybersixgill’s generative AI flattens the CTI adoption curve and empowers organizations with unmatched intelligence, enabling experienced analysts and trainees alike to make informed decisions and stay ahead of emerging threats. But that's not all. Similar to revolutionary technologies in the past, such as the iPhone, the potential and relevance of CTI use-cases extend far beyond our current imagination. In this regard, Cybersixgill is breaking new ground and redefining the current CTI paradigms. We believe that with our new capabilities, organizations will uncover a multitude of unexplored possibilities and unlock unprecedented value from their CTI efforts. 

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