May 29, 2024

Cybersixgill's New AI-Powered IQ Report Generator Delivers In-Depth Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports in Minutes

Key Takeaways: 

  • IQ Report Generator further simplifies and streamlines strategic, operational, and tactical threat intelligence reporting, saving security teams significant time and effort in creating reports about cybersecurity events and threat entities. 

  • Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) can leverage IQ Report Generator to streamline the creation of custom, in-depth reports for multiple clients.

  • The new feature leverages Cybersixgill IQ, generative AI technology, enabling users to create detailed, custom reports in minutes by entering a topic and setting parameters from dropdown menu options. 

Tel Aviv, Israel – May 29, 2024—Cybersixgill, the global cyber threat intelligence data provider, introduced today its new IQ Report Generator, an AI-powered tool that enables fast, easy creation of in-depth threat intelligence reports. Leveraging Cybersixgill IQ, the company’s generative AI offering, the new IQ Report Generator significantly eases the burden of reporting for threat and SOC analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, and MSSPs.

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) reporting is critical to an organization’s cybersecurity posture. According to the 2021 Ponemon Institute report “The Value of Threat Intelligence,” 77% of cybersecurity professionals stated that CTI reports are essential for making more informed and effective security-related decisions. Strategic, operational, and tactical CTI reports each benefit unique stakeholders from C-suite executives and other business leaders to SOC teams, MSSP customers, and business partners. 

Yet surveys of security teams commonly reveal that building CTI reports is a tedious, time-consuming task that can take several hours or days, preventing security professionals from focusing on strategic cybersecurity measures. With a few clicks to select a topic, target audience, and report format, report creation is instantaneous. By simplifying and shortening the time needed to create custom reports, Cybersixgill enables users to focus their efforts on thwarting cyber attacks. 

The new feature utilizes Cybersixgill IQ and streamlines the communication of investigation findings, insights, and recommendations to clients and stakeholders. It also helps MSSPs communicate risk and ROI to their customers with ease and efficiency, particularly when they need to share multiple custom reports tailored to each client organization.

“Cyber threat intelligence reporting is an essential vehicle for threat analysts to share insights about imminent threats and cybersecurity events with various audiences in the organization," said Gabi Reish, Chief Product Officer for Cybersixgill. “The new IQ Report Generator, our newest application of Cybersixgill IQ generative AI-based CTI,  gives security teams and MSSPs a powerful tool to streamline and expedite the creation of CTI reports and ensure accurate, relevant findings."

IQ Report Generator Delivers Critical Information in Minutes 

Designed for greater efficiency and organization, the feature simplifies how threat analysts and MSSPs communicate investigation findings, insights, and recommendations and enables a broader understanding of the organization’s risk posture for multiple internal and external stakeholders. 

The Investigation Report Generator enables the generation of a wide variety of CTI reports, including incident response reports, risk and compliance reports, executive-level communications reports, and third-party risk reports.

A video walk-through of Cybersixgill’s new Report Generator is available here.

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