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The Cybersixgill Report Generator eliminates the need to spend hours researching and writing intelligence reports. Using IQ, our powerful generative AI capability, users can request reports on any topic in a variety of formats tailored to their audience from CISOs to SOC analysts, vulnerability management teams, threat hunters and more.


Discover how easy it is to create and download intelligence reports

Create high quality intel reports in seconds

Virtually all cybersecurity teams are constrained by resources and time. Cybersixgill's Report Generator gives you time back, improving productivity and efficiency.

At the click of a button, quickly deliver valuable intelligence to diverse audiences inside or outside your organization.

Simply enter your topic, select your target audience, time frame and report style from the menu in the Portal

Tailor your report by adding specific instructions for IQ to follow

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Comprehensive detailed reports about any cyber threat intelligence topic

Multiple report formats

Tailor your report format to suit your audience. Select from executive summaries, single page reports or bullet point summary formats.

Vulnerability reports

Deliver the technical detail your vulnerability management team need to identify and remediate assets that are exposed to risk.

High-profile cyber incident reports

Arm your CISO with the high-level detail they need regarding incidents that may impact your organization for sharing with key stakeholders and C-suite teams.

MSSP customer reports

Quickly generate executive-level communications tailored to CISOs, technical detail for threat hunting and SOC teams, or a general overview report for your customers on any topic.

Our Data, Your Way

Cyber Threat Intelligence is available within our SaaS Portal that supports both single or multi-tenancy users, via API or integration into your existing technology.

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