Third-Party Risk Management

Continuously monitor and detect supply-chain risks with Third-Party Intelligence as part of your Third Party Risk Management program.

Sector: Any
Company size: Enterprise/SME
Department: Intel Team, SOC

A supply chain attack occurs when cybercriminals infiltrate an organization through vulnerabilities in its network of third-party relationships. By targeting less-secure elements in the supply chain, attackers can gain unauthorized access to sensitive systems and data across multiple companies. It exploits the interconnected nature of business operations, making detection and isolation of the breach challenging.

For every company offering a product or service, there are potentially hundreds of vendors providing support. As demonstrated by attacks exploiting the Okta and Minecraft vulnerabilities, third party relationships are fast becoming the greatest source of risk to organizations and can greatly impact business continuity.

While many solutions are aimed at third party risk management for GRC teams to streamline the vendor risk management process, it is critical that SOC and threat hunting teams also equip themselves with the necessary tools, supply chain intelligence and context to understand the specific threats and security risks their organizations face.

Cybersixgill’s Third-Party Intelligence module curates our full collection of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) from the clear, deep and dark web, enhancing it with additional vendor-specific data pinpointing any cybersecurity gaps in their environments to deliver comprehensive cyber risk insights.

Third-Party Intelligence can be deployed for a variety of reasons such as; Preempting threats from your supply chain, assessing the security posture of your vendors to inform supply chain strategies as part of a third party risk management program (TPRM), achieving compliance or undertaking any merger and acquisition research or company health checks before contracts are finalized.

Global network

Key capabilities delivered by Cybersixgill Third-Party Intelligence

Continuous monitoring of threads that might emanate from your third-parties

Integration of data from your suppliers' tech environments with our real-time threat intelligence from the clear, deep and dark web

In-depth insights coupled with impact assessment and remediation recommendations

Detailed report of issues detected, which can be sent to your affected vendor for remediation


How to identify leaked credentials

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