Terror Investigations

Sector: Law Enforcement
Company size: Federal/State
Department: Crime Investigation Analyst

Cybersixgill provides you with covert, unrestricted access to our full body of collected threat intelligence from the widest range of underground sources, including limited access and invite-only Telegram and Discord groups of known terror organizations. Our historic intelligence data lake delivers immediate and unrestricted access to years of threat intelligence, allowing you to investigate terror-related activity across sources and time.

Intuitively correlate different datasets to create a coherent intelligence picture in real-time.

Threat Actor

Key capabilities delivered by Cybersixgill for this use case:

Comprehensive collection in real-time from known terror groups' instant messaging chats and channels

Intuitive investigation platform with advanced search and filtering capabilities

Unrestricted access to current and historic intelligence data lake

Covert access to prevent the risk of retaliation by threat actors

Supporting Content

Translating multiple languages in the portal

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