Accelerate PCI DSS V. 4.0 Compliance

If your organization processes, stores or transmits payment cardholder information, it must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Organizations that fail to adhere to these requirements risk significant fines and penalties.

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Align with PCI DSS requirements

Proactive vulnerability identification and risk-scoring are requirement themes in the current version of the PCI DSS (v.3.2.1) and enhanced in PCI DSS v. 4.0. To adhere to PCI DSS v. 4.0, organizations will need to adopt proactive vulnerability identification and intelligence-based prioritization processes. These are fully addressed by DVE Intelligence.

What is DVE Intelligence?

Boasting capabilities such as mapping vulnerabilities to your organization’s assets, automated CPE-CVE matching, MITRE ATT&CK mapping, context enrichment with threat actor discourse, dynamic exploitability scores and integrated remediation information, DVE Intelligence enables teams to quickly find, measure, prioritize and remediate the risk of vulnerabilities across the entire CVE lifecycle.

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Achieve continuous compliance

The essential threat and risk measures you need to accelerate compliance with PCI DSS v. 4.0 reporting requirements.

Protect and secure in-scope and out-of-scope systems

Create critical asset policies to reduce administration and data for analysis

Automate processes to identify security vulnerabilities and assign a risk-score to drive prioritization

Stop security threats that stem from malicious software and targeted attacks

Receive real-time targeted alerts protecting all critical data and assets

Provide evidence that proves the appropriate controls are in place and the threat context for supporting intelligence

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3 Provisions of PCI DSS 6.3 Solved by DVE Intelligence

Identify and assign a risk ranking to newly discovered security vulnerabilities

Cybersixgill’s DVE Intelligence features prioritized vulnerability inspection and scoring in real-time, predicting the likelihood of vulnerability exploitation over the next 90 days based on cybercriminal activity and communication reflecting threat actor intent.

Ensure vulnerability information sources are trustworthy

Cybersixgill’s DVE Intelligence delivers provides access to the full body of collected intelligence related to each CVE. Our intel is processed, correlated and enriched with machine learning techniques to create accurate profiles, patterns and critical insights into threat actor activity and their peer networks.

Continuously evaluate vulnerabilities

Cybersixgill’s DVE Intelligence provides real-time evaluation of vulnerabilities with context-rich threat intelligence, automating the attribution of vulnerabilities to specific product versions in use.

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