Incident Prevention, Detection & Response

Sector: Any
Company size: All
Department: CSIRT

Through autonomous, continuous collection of threat intelligence from the deep, dark, and clear web, Cybersixgill detects and alerts security teams in real-time to potential threats and incidents at the earliest stage of the malicious supply chain, providing rich contextual insight into the nature, source, immediacy and severity of each threat.

Using the Investigative Portal, security teams can easily research and triage alerts, attribute incidents to specific threat actors and receive the critical insights they need to proactively prevent attacks before they materialize. Harness our external asset discovery and Attack Surface Management solution to gain complete visibility into organizational risk exposure and leverage our Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit Intelligence (DVE) solution to quickly prioritize your vulnerability remediation efforts with alerts to high-risk CVEs identified within your IT infrastructure.

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Key capabilities delivered by Cybersixgill for this use case:

Comprehensive collection of real-time, context-rich threat intelligence

Automated external asset discovery and attack surface management

Ability to easily investigate and triage IOCs and incidents

Continuous monitoring of asset inventory across the deep, dark and clear web

7 million+ detailed threat actor profiles

Real-time alerts of potential threats to organizational assets

Vulnerability and exploit intelligence

Seamless integration of machine-readable intelligence into your security stack

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