Unveiling the Power of Identity Intelligence

Safeguarding Personal Identities in an Interconnected World

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In today's interconnected world, individuals face an increasing number of threats to their personal and online identities. Cybercriminals and malicious actors constantly seek to exploit vulnerabilities, compromise credentials, and steal sensitive information for nefarious purposes. To effectively protect individuals, it is crucial to understand the multifaceted nature of these threats and employ robust strategies backed by threat intelligence.

This webinar aims to shed light on the significance of Identity Intelligence and its role in safeguarding individuals. We will explore various threats to personal identity, including compromised credentials, leaked personal information, identity theft, high-value targeting, and doxxing. Although these threats may share similarities, each represents a distinct variation of an attack that poses unique risks to an individual's identity.

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Join us as we delve into the following key topics:

Understanding the methods employed by threat actors to compromise credentials.

Exploring the consequences of unauthorized access to personal accounts.

Highlighting best practices for mitigating credential-based attacks.

Examining the sources and consequences of leaked personal information.

Assessing the techniques cybercriminals employ for identity theft.

Discussing proactive measures to prevent and respond to identity theft incidents.

Meet our speaker

Derrek Smith headshot

Derrek Smith

Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist

Derrek Smith is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist at Cybersixgill. He earned his Masters in Information Systems Management with a focus on cybersecurity. He began his career as a cybersecurity consultant at KPMG, where he helped secure Fortune 100/500 companies. Later, Derrek was an integral member of the KPMG Incident Response team, helping establish threat hunting and intelligence programs and significantly expanding the team’s threat detection capabilities.

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