Part II: The Ultimate Guide of Deep and Dark Web Research

The seven strategies for researching the deep and dark web.

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Deep and dark web research is all about building the right intelligence picture by connecting the dots and getting to the right conclusions.

It takes knowledge, skill, and experience to become a proficient deep and dark web analyst – and that’s exactly why we wrote The Ultimate Guide of Deep and Dark Web Research – a two part series of ebooks that will teach you everything you need to know to master deep and dark web research.

In part I we covered the basics: definitions, who’s active on the DDW, what are they doing there, and more.

Part II takes things a step further and arms you with more advanced knowledge in deep and dark web research.

Ultimate guide of deep and dark web research

After reading this ebook you’ll know:

How to ask the right questions

How to aggregate mentions to identify trends

How to correlate major events with dark web activity

How to efficiently follow the money to goods and services

How to use the right search for tools in the supply chain

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