The Modern Attack Surface: MSSP Edition

As we launch into a new digital era with AI developing at a fast pace, cyber security solutions are also evolving. Strategies such as Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) are being introduced; focusing on a constant cycle of exposing an organizations networks, systems and assets to simulated attacks in order to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

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A key component of CTEM is attack surface management (ASM). A few years ago, it was barely on anyone’s radar, but today it is a highly sought after solution to combat increasingly agile threat actors. Our latest ebook explores attack surface management and how it supports an organization’s cyber security strategy.

The Modern Attack Surface MSSP Edition

Specifically, the eBook covers:

An introduction to ASM

Internal vs. external attack surfaces

The strategic benefits of ASM

What’s missing from current ASM solutions

The future of ASM

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