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International Women in Cyber Day

Cybersixgill presents Defense Against the Dark Web, a podcast series with Delilah Schwartz.

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Episode Summary

For International Women in Cyber Day, this special podcast episode features a discussion between cybersecurity professionals Naomi Yusupov, Daniella Reyhanian Ohana, and host Delilah Schwartz. The three women reflect on their career journeys, each having unexpectedly entered the male-dominated cyber industry without prior technical training, and how they each overcame imposter syndrome by proving their skills and excelling in their roles.

The women also discuss the complex challenges women face as they attempt to balance work in a demanding field with equally demanding family responsibilities. They explore the common experience of facing underestimation when embracing their femininity through appearance and style.

The episode highlights overcoming barriers through creativity, advocating respectfully for oneself, and cultivating an inclusive culture through mentorship, mutual support, and flexibility for working mothers in the workplace. By sharing experiences of proving competency despite obstacles and fostering camaraderie, Naomi, Daniella and Delilah hope to encourage more diversity and empowerment in their important work.

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Meet our speakers

Delilah Schwartz

Delilah Schwartz

Security Strategist

Delilah Schwartz boasts a unique blend of expertise in the fields of extremism, internet-enabled radicalization and the cybercriminal underground. Leveraging her extensive multidisciplinary knowledge and research analysis skills, Delilah brings a unique perspective to the cybersecurity industry, providing valuable insights into the complex and rapidly evolving threat landscape. Delilah is passionate about democratizing cybersecurity discourse, and making ‘cyber speak’ accessible to a non-technical audience.


Daniella Reyhanian Ohana

Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist

Daniella is a multi-lingual Threat Intelligence Specialist for the EMEA and APAC regions, fluent in English, Hebrew and Persian. With over six years of experience in intelligence analysis, Daniella’s background includes extensive research on the dark web and threat actor engagement. Daniella has served in customer facing positions and has focused on nation-state threat actors. Born and raised in London, Daniella has a degree in international relations.


Naomi Yusupov

Chinese & Russian Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Naomi Yusupov is a senior analyst with expertise in Chinese & Russian Cyber Threat Intelligence. Fluent in both Mandarin and Russian, she delves into the deep and dark web realms of these regions, leveraging her double major in Economics and Chinese Studies, along with her firsthand experience living in China, for a comprehensive understanding of cyber criminals and their motivation.

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