Diving into the Underground: Persona Management and Threat Actor Engagement

Gain access to the sources where threat actors plan, play, and profit.

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The dark web is filled with threat actors planning nefarious crimes. Cybersecurity professionals know that threat hunting in these underground environments is necessary, but they don’t know the most crucial step to beginning the process. ‘How do you access the deep and dark web?’ and ‘How do you gain a threat actor’s trust?’ These are the most commonly asked questions of cybersecurity professionals preparing a proactive threat hunt.

Navigating the underground requires dedication to persona management and setting up a safe and secure environment to ensure one does not expose themselves to malicious actors. Cybersixgill's Global Director of CTI, Michael-Angelo Zummo, will demonstrate how to set up a secure environment (dirty machine) using Tails, how to find sources in the dark web, best practices when creating your first persona, communicate with threat actors, and of course, how to seek out threats once you gain access to the sources where threat actors plan, play, and profit. All while using real examples that attendees can try for themselves.

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What you'll learn

Gain practical knowledge on the tools threat actors use to remain anonymous and communicate

Identify popular sources where threat actors communicate and share malicious tools and sensitive data

Learn how to threat hunt once one has successfully infiltrated these underground sources

Meet our speaker

Michael-Angelo Zummo

Michael-Angelo Zummo

Global Director, CTI Analysts

Michael-Angelo Zummo is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist at Cybersixgill. He is a US Marine Corps veteran that started his career as a cryptologic linguist and intelligence analyst. He served at the NSA (National Security Agency) where he supported national security efforts against foreign threats. Zummo earned his Masters in Cybercrime Investigations and Cybersecurity from Boston University, where he transitioned from national security to digital forensics, dark web intelligence, and law enforcement.

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