The 5 Levels of Cyber Threat Intelligence Development

Is your organization ready to step up to the next level of cyber maturity?

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by Brad Laporte, Former Gartner Analyst & Cybersecurity Industry Expert

Today’s cybersecurity teams face unprecedented challenges in battling cyber threats. Amid the digital transformation, unabating streams of data, and the rapidly expanding attack surface, protecting your organization against the constant barrage of cyberattacks can feel like an uphill battle with no end in sight.

While it’s impossible to stop cybercriminals from waging attacks against your organization, it is possible to escape the trap of reaction-based cybersecurity, by leveraging tools and methodologies to facilitate a truly proactive and preemptive cyber defense program.

This transition, however, is not a single action with immediate gratification. Rather, attaining cyber maturity is a long-term journey, with clear milestones for success.

As you’ll read in this whitepaper, the key to unlocking the door to true cybersecurity readiness is the implementation of actionable cyber threat intelligence (CTI), arming your teams with the insight they need to get ahead of threats before they can be weaponized.

Learn how Cybersixgill’s cyber threat intelligence solutions can accelerate your organization’s advancement through each phase of cybersecurity readiness.

5 levels of cyber threat intelligence development

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The litmus test for quality cyber threat intelligence

The 5 levels of cybersecurity maturity and the steps you need to take to ‘level up’.

How quality cyber threat intelligence from the deep and dark web can accelerate your cybersecurity readiness

How you can leverage Cybersixgill’s cyber threat intelligence solutions to succeed at each level of cybersecurity maturity

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