Torq & Cybersixgill Integration

Intelligence-driven security automation for end-to-end threat protection

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About Torq

Founded in 2020, Torq is a no-code automation platform for security teams. Torq’s limitless connectivity, intelligent automation and curated templates help security professionals accelerate threat response and remediation, identify and mitigate risks, and deliver protection at the speed of modern business.

The Challenge

Security teams are well aware of the vital roles that security automation and threat intelligence solutions play within the modern security stack. Unfortunately, these two core cybersecurity functions are often disconnected, creating a deficit between intelligence and action. This means threat detection (intelligence) and threat response (action) are siloed and out of sync, resulting in high-risk exposures and a staggering average mean time to detect and respond of 287 days.

The Solution

Cybersixgill has partnered with Torq to operationalize our market-leading threat intelligence through seamless no-code security automation in Torq. With this strategic partnership, Cybersixgill and Torq pioneer end-to-end, no-intervention threat protection, dramatically reducing the mean time to detect and respond to threats through customizable automated workflows, triggered by actionable, context-rich threat intelligence from the cybercriminal underground.

The capabilities delivered by this partnership:

Harness rich threat context from Cybersixgill, instantly enriching event data from other tools

Save Time and eliminate redundant tasks, tools and processes with no-code workflows that can be built and deployed in hours, offering near-immediate time to value

Respond or remediate issues with automated workflows the instant Cybersixgill detects potential risks

Minimize Cost and optimize efficiency by automating processes with a consolidated threat protection solution, maximizing value from existing security investments